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    B2B Marketing Strategy Tips w. Neil Patel

    On this rapid-fire new episode with B2B Marketing Expert Neil Patel, we dive into his advice on:How a new marketer can approach their B2B marketHow to prioritize your efforts (with so many b2b channels to pursue)How to differentiate your solution when others offer *roughly* the same outcomesTips for… Read More

    By Geordie Carswell
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    Leveraging Cold Email Outreach with RevBoss Founder Eric Boggs

    Best Practices for cold outreach in B2B (what’s working / what’s not)How to make your messages stand out above the noiseCold outreach approaches/value for GTM teams at newer startupsHow cold outreach programs can augment/co-exist with your BDR/SDR teamsHow field marketing teams and partn… Read More

    By Geordie Carswell
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    B2B, Marketing, Webinars

    Mastering the Art of Attendee Engagement

    Webinars Don't Have to be Boring! We've run over 400+ webinars in the last 12 months and we've cracked the code to advanced audience engagement. Now, for the first time, we're sharing the exact strategies that get attendees to wake up, pay attention and personally engage wit… Read More

    By Geordie Carswell
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    AI, ChatGPT, Marketers, Marketing, Tech

    Supercharging Marketing Productivity with AI: A Deep Dive into ChatGPT

    Episode 2: A discussion about the application of AI, specifically OpenAI's ChatGPT, in the field of marketing. The hosts discuss how AI can significantly accelerate productivity by assisting in tasks such as content creation, ideation, and data analysis. They also discuss the potential concerns… Read More

    By Geordie Carswell
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    Lead Generation, Marketing, Webinars

    Webinar Promotion & Engagement Strategies for Lead Generation

    The latest strategies for getting attendees to register and attend your webinars - and actually engage when they show up!… Read More

    By Geordie Carswell