Hot-Topic Multi-Vendor Webinars

Join other leading vendors on one of our ready-made, hot-topic technology webinars! In the last 12 months we’ve generated over 150,000 low-CPL leads for our clients with these online events, with millions of dollars in the sales pipeline generated.

Our Multi-Vendor Webinar Lead Generation Programs Give You:

  • Turnkey multi-vendor webinars with pre-selected, "hot-topic" themes and expert moderation
  • Massive live audiences with 200 to 1,200+ minimum leads guaranteed
  • Opportunities to present back-to-back with the biggest vendors in your space
  • One-of-a-kind post-event "hot-lead" reporting and analytics
  • In-event console nurturing handouts, polling, and trial link placements
  • Full-event and individual presentation .mp4 recording files for on-demand use

With technology audience lead guarantees, white-glove service, and optional pre-scheduled, hot-topic virtual events ready for you to jump into, we help you hit your quarterly webinar lead generation goals with ease!

Trusted by the Technology Industry's Biggest Vendors

  • 1Password
  • ActivTrak
  • Cisco
  • Cloudflare
  • Ping Identity
  • RingCentral
  • Scale Computing
  • SolarWinds
  • Turbonomic
  • VMware
  • Western Digital

“I’ve been really impressed with your audience! The way you run your events helps us identify high-priority MQLs and pursue opportunities more quickly than other providers.”

— Vice President of Marketing, Netenrich

Multi-Vendor Webinar Flavors

  • 800 guaranteed leads (minimum)
  • 6 to 8+ back-to-back presenting vendors
  • Higher-level hot technology topics

ActualTech Media’s MegaCast themed tech webinars have been proven to be a leading way by which business and technical decision makers educate themselves on technologies and what’s available to them in the market.

These multi-vendor virtual events offer viewers back-to-back presentations from 6 to 8+ vendors that have a story to tell around the theme of the event.

May 2024

WFH, RTO, Hybrid: Empowering and Protecting Workers Wherever They Live


ControlUp, Menlo Security

Min Leads


Open Slots


About This MegaCast
In today's evolving work landscape, it's crucial to navigate the complexities of work from home (WFH), return to the office (RTO), and hybrid models effectively. This MegaCast delves into empowering and safeguarding employees regardless of their work location. We'll explore cutting-edge strategies and tools for creating productive, secure, and balanced work environments. As a sponsor, you'll have the unique opportunity to connect with an engaged audience of IT buyers and influencers, showcasing your solutions to key decision makers. Your participation will position your brand at the forefront of this pivotal conversation, aligning you with the future of workplace transformation.

Vendor Fit
Any provider of remote work technology, cybersecurity solutions, employee wellness programs, collaboration tools, data privacy services, cloud computing solutions, and productivity monitoring software.

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  • 400 guaranteed leads (minimum—150 for vertical events)
  • 2 to 6+ back-to-back presenting vendors
  • Deeper-level technology topics

The EcoCast is a smaller version of our MegaCast tech webinars and provides a variety of more targeted-focus themes. With 2 to 6+ vendor participants and a minimum of 400 event registrations (150 for highly vertical events), EcoCasts are a perfect way to tell a receptive audience about your product or service.

May 2024

Automating Your Way to Better Security: Tips, Tricks, and Tools


ActualTech Media, KnowBe4, Okta, Rubrik, Automox, Cohesity

Min Leads


Open Slots


About This EcoCast
In an era where cyber threats constantly evolve, prioritizing robust security automation is no longer optional but imperative. This virtual event sheds light on harnessing the power of automation to fortify security. Dive into the latest tools, strategies, and best practices that can revolutionize your organization's defense mechanisms. By sponsoring this EcoCast, your company will be placed front and center before a dedicated audience comprising IT buyers and key influencers in the industry. Seize this unparalleled opportunity to showcase your solutions, foster connections, and drive transformative change in the realm of IT security.

Vendor Fit
Any provider of automated threat detection systems, security orchestration platforms, endpoint protection tools, AI-driven cybersecurity analytics, data protection, and automated patch management solutions.

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  • 1,200 guaranteed leads (minimum)
  • 7 to 12+ back-to-back presenting vendors
  • Broader, trending technology topics

Virtual Summits feature up to 12 leading technology companies from a cross-section of concentrations, including cloud computing, enterprise storage, converged and hyperconverged infrastructure, networking, security, data protection, disaster recovery, data, development/DevOps, and more.

With a schedule intended to expose the audience to a broad swath of information, the tech webinar event will consist of presentations from each vendor presenter, as well as keynotes from independent experts, each of whom will share their thoughts, opinions, guidance, and advice with our audience.

August 2024

Start Now: Discovering the Critical Tools and Services that Will Define IT Through 2030


TierPoint, Zerto

Min Leads


Open Slots


About This Summit
Navigating the ever-evolving landscape of enterprise technology, businesses stand at a pivotal juncture where early adoption of emerging IT tools and services can carve pathways to significant competitive advantage. This Summit serves as a crucible for forward-thinking companies to illuminate their innovations, directly engaging with a curated audience of IT buyers and influencers poised to transform their operations. As a sponsor, your company will not only showcase your solutions but also imprint your brand onto the roadmap of IT’s future, influencing decision makers ready to invest in technology that will sculpt the business world for the next decade.

Vendor Fit
Any provider of cloud computing services, cybersecurity systems, AI and machine learning platforms, data analytics tools, enterprise software, data protection solutions, data management solutions, and any other IT related solution or service.

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  • 400 guaranteed leads (minimum)
  • 1+ sponsoring vendor(s)
  • Broader, trending technology topics

The ActualTech Media Expert Series tech webinar provides clients with the ultimate "set-it-and-forget-it" turnkey experience. We provide expert-level content, give you a sponsorship shout-out, and present a slide to our audience about your solution.

The audience gets a great depth of education across various event topics while you collect leads. No need for you to procure speakers, build presentations, or juggle schedules. We do all the heavy lifting while you focus on your goals!

May 2024

All About Repatriation: What to Know about When, Why, and How to Reclaim Your Cloud Data


ActualTech Media, Scale Computing, Quantum

Min Leads


Open Slots


About This Expert Session
In an era where data is the new gold, it's critical to understanding the nuances of cloud repatriation. In this Expert Series session, an industry expert provided by ActualTech Media will walk through the decision points, sticking points, and tricks for repatriation -- or reclaiming data from the cloud. The expert will explain best practices and essential tools for successful repatriation to an engaged and influential group of IT decision makers. As a sponsor, you’ll only need to provide a promotional slide, while ATM will handle all aspects of audience development, event production, and lead delivery.

Vendor Fit
Any provider of cloud management platforms, data security tools, data protection tools, storage solutions, compliance software, migration tools, hybrid technologies, and more.

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See More UPCOMING Expert Series Events

  • 200 guaranteed leads (minimum)
  • 3-6 vendor panelists
  • Trending thought leadership topics

Have your thought leader or subject-matter expert join a virtual panel with other topic area specialists to discuss the technologies and challenges that your company cares about most.

Each PanelCast event starts with a 20- to 30-minute independent editorial from an ActualTech Media expert after which that expert will moderate a virtual panel discussion with representatives from each of the clients participating in the event.


We're sorry but there are no events currently scheduled.

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Audience Feedback, Demographics & Sample Reporting

Tech Buyer Feedback One-Sheet

See what kind of purchase decisions our audience has made as a result of attending our webinar events.


Audience Demographics One-Sheet

Learn more about the makeup of our unique technology buyer audience.


Sample Post-Event 'Hot-Lead' Summary Report

Download a sample of the industry’s hottest post-webinar lead report summary!


Watch a Lead Summary Video Walk-Through

“We created $2.2 million in our sales opportunity pipeline after just TWO MegaCasts!”

— Leading Cloud Infrastructure Vendor, VP of Marketing

“After the MegaCast we purchased Nutanix for our data center. It made sense for use to embrace a hyperconverged solution due to budget constraints and the ease of deployment. The event provided us with use cases and productivity benefits to convince us it was the way to go.”

— Murray N., IT Specialist II, California Dept Of Transportation

“ActualTech Media truly understands the technology we’re trying to educate the market on. They deliver on time, every time, exceeding our expectations. We know they’re going to over-deliver.”

— Marianne Budnik, CMO at Leading Cybersecurity Vendor

Why Choose Multi-Vendor Webinars for Lead Generation?

Fully Turnkey, 200 to 1,200+ Guaranteed Registrations

The Hottest Enterprise Technology Themes

Giant Live Audiences

The Opportunity to Present Back-to-Back with the Biggest Vendors in Your Space

A Customized "Post-Event Action Report" with Prioritized, "Hot- Lead" Follow-Up Flag

In-Event Console Nurturing Content Asset or Trial Offer Link Placement

Detailed Audience Polling and Q&A Results Reporting

Full Event and Individual Presentation On-Demand Recordings

Custom Webinar Programs

At ActualTech Media, we know that regular webinars are a key piece of your quarterly lead generation programs and a fantastic way to educate a fresh audience about your solutions on regular basis.

We work with you to develop webinar programs that tap into our vast audience and help bring your message to a net-new user base.

Our Custom Webinar Programs Feature:

  • Minimum lead guarantees of 200+ leads
  • Help with topics, titles, abstracts and presentations
  • Complete, white-glove service: just bring your deck and demo, we handle the reg page, moderation, prizes and promotion
  • Exclusive post-webinar lead reporting and ‘hot lead’ reporting
  • Complimentary on-demand hosting and video files

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HPE Tech Webinar Marketing Case Study

Forward-Thinking Marketer at HPE Discovers Cutting-Edge Lead Generation Machine

Technology Niches Our Events Cover

  • Data Protection
  • Systems
  • Integrated Systems
  • Networking
  • Cloud
  • Storage
  • End-User Computing
  • Security
  • Data Management
  • Private Cloud
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Public Cloud
  • Cloud Security
  • Big Data
  • Machine Learning
  • Hybrid Cloud
  • Containers
  • Multi-Cloud
  • Kubernetes
  • Messaging Security
  • Identity Access Management
  • Network Security
  • Object Storage
  • Orchestration Automation & Response
  • Composable
  • Intrusion Detection
  • Hyperconverged
  • Endpoint Security
  • Backup & Recovery
  • Security Awareness Training
  • Secure Access Service Edge
  • Secondary Storage
  • Traditional Storage
  • SD-WAN
  • Edge
  • AI
  • Flash & NVMe
  • SDN
  • SoC
  • Plus Many More!