Digital Marketing Coordinator – Remote Position

Updated: October 25, 2018

ActualTech Media, a boutique marketing firm focused on creating content and connecting enterprise IT clients to potential customers is seeking a digital marketing coordinator to help us manage our growing business.  This multi-faceted position is critical to help us implement marketing programs that boost attendance for our virtual events and webinars and increase distribution and awareness for our sponsored content assets.


  • Provide marketing support operations for all of ActualTech Media’s event and content product and service lines
  • Assist in developing email marketing campaigns that achieve varied campaign performance goals
  • Provide assistance to the CMO in developing marketing and promotional strategies across digital channels
  • Help develop sales and marketing collateral for ActualTech Media’s products and services
  • Coordinate marketing activities with outside SEM agencies and client PR representatives
  • In conjunction with ActualTech Media’s senior editors, develop marketing copy for use in email and social campaigns
  • Create well-considered social media content schedules that maximize the impact of the content and activities undertaken by the team at ActualTech Media
  • Develop and manage metrics to measure the reach of ActualTech Media’s social media efforts
  • Work closely with the graphic design department to develop email and social creative for use in marketing campaigns
  • Be creative! We want people that can help us stand above our competition and we love new ideas!


  • Ability to work remotely. ActualTech Media is a 100% remote-workforce organization. To succeed in this role, you must be self directed, able to reduce distractions in your home work environment and be available for team calls and other virtual meeting activities
  • 2 years + digital marketing experience preferred, including email marketing experience
  • Strong copywriting skills, preferably demonstrated via examples of copy you have written in previous roles
  • Familiarity with landing page optimization and conversion optimization
  • Conversion attribution and Google Analytics skillset is desirable
  • Strong familiarity with social platforms. At present, we use LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook for our social activities and need people that understand the pros and cons of those platforms and that can help us evaluate the use of additional platforms
  • Experience with paid social media campaigns
  • High level of technical proficiency with Microsoft Office for Windows or for Mac

Regular working hours are 9AM to 5PM central time with occasional need later since we have a lot of West Coast clients.

Applications will be accepted by emailing jobs at