Making Lead Gen Work - Special Interview

Show Notes

In this episode, Geordie Carswell, CMO at ActualTech Media joins Cybersecurity Marketing Society Founders Maria and Gianna to talk about the stuff no marketer wants to talk about right now: lead generation and content syndication! 

Can lead generation be a successful part of a demand generation strategy? Is there a right way to use content syndication for a cybersecurity audience? What are the strategies – and company qualities – needed to make these successful? Listen to find out!

The guest and hosts use their demand gen backgrounds to jam on webinars, content, and other forms of creating engagement with cybersecurity audiences: 

• The relevance of different webinar topics 
• Considering whether to go broad or niche based on specific goals. 
• The importance of personalization and alignment in lead-generation efforts 

Plus…learn a little something about grocery store marketing 🤭

Listen for shop talk and laughs on today’s episode, and make sure to check out ActualTech Media!