How to Build a Webinar Lead Generation Engine

Show Notes

“Webinar fatigue” is a myth. Lead generation webinars continue to be one of the top sources of marketing-attributed opportunity pipeline for cybersecurity vendors. In fact, over 89% of technology buyers say webinars play a role in their purchase process. 

But using webinars to generate high-quality leads and pipeline requires that you execute effectively on all three phases of the event. You could miss the essential steps to plan for before, during and after the webinar. These steps are critical to maximizing your ROI. 

On this episode, CMO Geordie Carswell maps out how cybersecurity vendors can build a webinar-powered, pipeline-creation machine! 
-Learn why webinars are still driving the majority of marketing ROI 
-Get a step-by-step plan for using webinars to generate cybersecurity leads and pipe 
-How to avoid the most common mistakes when running webinars for lead gen