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The Top 5 Benefits of Content Syndication for Lead Generation

Article Summary

Content syndication is a powerful tool for amplifying content reach and generating leads. One of its primary benefits is filling the sales pipeline with quality leads. With the vast amount of online information available, attracting leads to specific content can be challenging. Content syndication addresses this by ensuring that the content reaches the right audience, leading to more meaningful interactions and conversions. Another advantage is the ability to target specific accounts or personas, ensuring that the content resonates with potential buyers. This targeted approach is especially beneficial for account-based marketing (ABM), where precision in reaching individual accounts is crucial. Additionally, content syndication enhances marketing reach, allowing content to be seen by a broader audience beyond the confines of a single website or platform. It also provides measurable results, enabling marketers to track content performance and optimize strategies. Overall, content syndication for lead generation offers a targeted and efficient approach to reach potential customers and drive conversions.

There are several benefits of content syndication beyond getting your content in front of a larger audience. Having 10,000 new eyes on your digital asset is only valuable if those people are also prospective buyers. That’s why content syndication for lead generation is an essential part of any effective targeted marketing strategy where quality is more important than quantity.

Learn what content syndication is and why you should use content syndication for lead generation to increase your marketing return.

Key Takeaways:

  • You can perform content syndication for awareness or lead generation
  • Content syndication for lead generation gets your brands in front of the right people
  • Lead generation content syndication provides measurable results
  • Account-based marketing can benefit from targeted content syndication processes

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What Is Content Syndication?

Content syndication is sharing your digital assets on other websites or platforms. B2B content syndication vendors perform this task by using a network of publishers to post your content, so your content appears in front of the right audience.

Content Syndication for Brand Awareness vs. Content Syndication for Lead Generation

There are two primary goals for using content syndication. Most providers offer content syndication for brand awareness. In these cases, your content is blasted across several websites and widgets to get in front of the most people.

However, lead generation content syndication has a different goal. Instead of marketing to a broad audience, you target specific accounts or personas. Then, as people engage with your content, you receive their contact information to build a list of leads.

5 Benefits of Content Syndication for Lead Generation

These are the five primary benefits of using content syndication for lead generation instead of only focusing on increasing your brand awareness.

1. Fill Your Sales Pipeline with Quality Leads

Lead generation is the top challenge for marketers today. Attracting leads to your website and content is often challenging with the abundance of online information. While content syndication for brand awareness might get your name in front of people, you quickly lose those leads because you have no way to follow up.

Most customers require at least eight touchpoints before they make a purchase. B2B sales are even more complex because you deal with larger budgets, technical products, and decision makers. If your content is their first interaction with your business, it will most likely not end in a conversion. Rather, it’s just the first touchpoint, and those leads will require further nurturing.

If you want to nurture the audience that sees your content, you need to use different techniques for distributing your digital assets to ensure you get the data necessary for follow-up and nurturing. That’s where lead generation comes into play. Because readers give you the necessary contact information, you can fill your pipeline with valuable leads.

ActualTech Media will even use your suppression list to ensure you only get net-new leads. Then your leads are delivered in a usable format to minimize the work on your end for importing and managing the leads your content brings in.

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2. Get Your Brand in Front of the Right People

Generating 10,000 leads is pointless if none of those leads end in a conversion. For content syndication to be worth the cost, your return must be greater than what you spend, and often that’s not the case. Most midsize and large companies confessed that they only see less than 5,000 quality leads a month.

Content syndication maximizes your return by distributing your content to a targeted audience instead of mass distributing your digital assets. By targeting your audience through filters or a targeted accounts list, you can ensure the audience seeing your content are prospective buyers, and you don’t waste valuable resources nurturing poor-quality leads.

3. Increase Your Marketing Reach

Today there are over 1.88 billion websites. SEO strategies alone are often not enough to get your website seen by your audience because of the high competition. If you only use a few marketing channels for generating leads, you won’t reach your entire potential market.

Content syndication broadens your reach to get your content in front of more people than your website or other marketing channels alone. Content syndication platforms have extensive networks of providers with large audiences that you can filter and target to ensure you get in front of consumers that match your buyer persona.

4. Track Your Content’s Performance

You don’t want to spend more resources than necessary on your tech marketing efforts. Otherwise, you’ll hurt your marketing return and struggle to hit your revenue goals. Streamlining your marketing efforts on the most effective strategies ensures you see the best return from the budget and resources you use.

Measuring your ROI is necessary for optimizing your strategies because it shows you how effective specific strategies were and where to adjust your processes. Showing your ROI also makes you 1.6 times more likely to receive a larger marketing budget.

Most content syndication publishers for brand awareness won’t give you any reports on how well your content performed. However, when you use content syndication for lead generation, you’ll see results through quality leads that your marketing team can nurture. These results help you know when you’ve reached your marketing goals.

You can also use the number of leads you received in your ROI calculations to know which efforts perform the best and optimize your strategies accordingly.

5. Perform Account-Based Marketing

About 22% of marketers already have an account-based marketing (ABM) strategy in place, and 34% plan to build one for the future. Only 30% of marketers have no plans to use ABM. If you’re one of the businesses using ABM, you understand the importance of targeted marketing efforts that reach individual accounts.

Regular content syndication practices aren’t targeted enough for successful ABM. Lead generation content syndication is more efficient for accomplishing ABM goals because it works with single accounts versus reaching the general public. In addition, ABM content syndication is customizable due to filters, multitouch settings, and targeted accounts lists.

For example, ActualTech Media brings your content to your audience instead of waiting for them to come to you. This gives you more control over who sees your content and the type of leads you bring in.

With the right strategies in place, you can be among the businesses that see great success with ABM strategies.

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Fill Your Sales Pipeline with Quality Leads

ActualTech Media has the technology and expertise necessary for getting your digital assets in front of the right audience to maximize your return. Instead of wasting valuable resources and time on strategies you can’t measure, use our targeted approach to ensure you see positive returns in the form of quality leads.

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