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    Spectra Logic Helps Smooth On-Prem and Cloud Data Integration

    “In every situation, there’s always some data that’s required on-prem.” It could be for regulatory or compliance reasons, efficiency reasons, or whatever—the takeaway is that for almost all… Read More

    By Keith Ward
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    A Distributed File System Installed in 90 Minutes? Peer Software Can Make It Happen

    It all sounds so easy, doesn’t it? To get a distributed file system, or DFS, just get rid of all your existing storage, buy one vendor’s solution, and have one ecosystem to worry about, one “thr… Read More

    By Keith Ward
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    nOps: You Only Pay If We Save You Money

    nOps is convinced that most companies overspend on Amazon Web Services (AWS). In fact, they’re so confident in this belief that they put their money where their mouth is: You don’t pay for their s… Read More

    By Keith Ward
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    Zirous Brings ‘Iowa Nice’ To IT Services

    When you’re a U.S. Midwest-based IT services company, it might seem that you’re at an immediate disadvantage against huge providers on the coasts. But Zirous doesn’t see it that way at all. Head… Read More

    By Keith Ward
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    AutoCloud: Taking the Hassle Out Of Multi-Cloud Management

    “All the (public) clouds are subtly different,” says Tyson Kunovsky, Co-Founder and CEO of AutoCloud. He’s simply echoing what every organization that uses more than one public cloud knows. Amaz… Read More

    By Keith Ward
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    Plug-and-Play Peace of Mind with Assured Data Protection

    Corporate IT is tasked with “doing more with less” these days. That’s hard to do, especially when it comes to something as critical as data protection, including backup, redundancy, and Disaster… Read More

    By Keith Ward
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    Lucy’s ‘Answer Engine’ Saves Companies Time and Money

    On its website, startup vendor Lucy defines its mission simply: Lucy solves a problem businesses have been grappling with for years - how to effectively manage all of the information living across dif… Read More

    By Keith Ward
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    Privacy Bee Reduces Your Employees’ Risk of Exposure

    According to one statistic, 82% of all corporate breaches start as a social engineering or spearphishing attack. If that number scares you, you’re not alone. And that’s where Privacy Bee comes in… Read More

    By Keith Ward
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    KX Brings the Power of Time Series Data To You

    Time series data is becoming more important to companies as a way to track change over time. This data, also known as time-stamped data, is a series of data points that are indexed in time order. Prop… Read More

    By Keith Ward
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    Decusoft Offers the Next Generation of Compensation Management Software

    If you aren’t compensating your employees properly, you won’t compete in today’s global market. You won’t retain employees, and business will suffer. But how do you determine a competitive and… Read More

    By Keith Ward
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    Zipteam Matches Skillsets with Employees

    When a company calls itself “Spotify for the workplace,” you take notice. That’s what I did when interviewing Daisuke Nishimura, product management and marketing for Zipteam, in this Spotlight S… Read More

    By Keith Ward
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    Why Data Warehousing Is Better in the Cloud

    Traditionally, data warehouses have resided on-premises. This was fine, when there was much less data, and the world was not so massively connected. But that’s not the case anymore. There’s a t… Read More

    By Keith Ward
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    Verge: Virtualize Your Entire Data Center

    Remember the first time you used virtualization? If you’re like most IT pros, that moment stayed with you, as it opened your eyes to new possibilities of what could be done. And now, Verge wants you… Read More

    By Keith Ward
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    Why ‘Behavioral Data’ Is Crucial To Understanding Your Customers

    If you’re like most companies, you know some basics about your customers—what they’re buying and related information, for instance. But for most organizations, it doesn’t go much beyond that.… Read More

    By Keith Ward
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    Instabase Unlocks Your Unstructured Data

    When you look at your paycheck, you don’t need to translate that into an understandable format—your brain already does that instantly, and knows how to read the information. That same idea is w… Read More

    By Keith Ward
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    MindWise: Monitoring the Dark Web To Keep You Safe

    MindWise makes a bold claim on its website: Stop Fraud Before It’s Even Attempted. It’s the kind of claim that companies don’t make lightly. And MindWise says they can back it up. In this Spo… Read More

    By Keith Ward
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    Nethopper Connects Containers Across Multiple Clouds

    There’s a dirty little secret in multi-cloud environments: Kubernetes, the container orchestration platform, doesn’t work across multiple clouds. That’s something many IT pros don’t know, and… Read More

    By Keith Ward
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    Stratodesk Offers Scalable, Unified, and Simplified Endpoint Management

    Here’s how the work-from-home revolution affected one company: it had to send out 10,000 USB sticks to get its workforce back online. The employees had to use the stick to enable them to boot their… Read More

    By Keith Ward
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    Selector Leverages AIOps for Network and Application Observability

    Silos—they’ve been the bane of IT admins for ages. And despite advances over the years, they continue to stubbornly hang around. This is a continuing problem, especially for network and applicatio… Read More

    By Keith Ward
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    Directus: Make Any SQL Database an API

    On its website, Directus says “Our mission is to democratize data for everyone.” But what does that mean, and what does it look like? Those questions are answered in this Spotlight Series video fr… Read More

    By Keith Ward
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    CloudFix Provides Real Cloud AWS Savings—Right Now

    Lots of  vendors tell you they’ll save you money when using Amazon Web Services (AWS). Often, though, the reality is that those promised savings never materializes. CloudFix, on the other hand, mak… Read More

    By Keith Ward