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    Content Marketing

    Content Marketing in 2022 and the Future

    It seems like with every day that passes, consumers demand more and more from businesses. With so many players competing to capture the same market, you have to earn the attention of your prospects—not hijack it… Read More

    By Amy Susienka
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    Content Marketing

    5 Keys To a Successful Content Syndication Campaign

    How to win at B2B content syndication: 1. Identify your goals; 2. Use a targeted approach with the right lead filters; 3. Repurpose your… Read More

    By Amy Susienka
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    Content Marketing

    4 Proven Ways To Grow Your Engaged Contacts Database

    No matter how large your existing prospect email lists are, net-new contact growth is essential to counteract churn and uncover new sales opportunities. You may have a huge existing or prospect contact database or have large email lists, but how many of these people are still engaged? This new post will give you four proven tactics to help you grow your engaged contacts… Read More

    By Jennifer Bergman
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    Webinar Marketing

    The Top 10 Reasons You Need to Be Presenting on MegaCast & EcoCast Webinars

    In the last four years, over 100 different vendors have presented on MegaCasts and EcoCasts multi-vendor webinars from ActualTech Media. Here's the 10 biggest reasons they keep coming back to present on event after event? See the 10 reasons here… Read More

    By David M. Davis
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    Content Marketing

    The '3 E's' of Exceptional IT Content

    In my work the last few years, I’ve overseen the creation of content that helps IT vendors connect with information-hungry IT buyers. I’ve been observing how that content is received and find the '3 E’s' mnemonic a helpful way to remember each ingredient. I’m constantly teaching my team (and the army of contributors we work with) to think about these things. Here they are… Read More

    By James Green
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    Content Marketing

    B2B Video Marketing: Your Actionable Guide For 2022

    In IT marketing, the company that’s able to cut through the noise with impactful content, wins. More than 90% of IT audiences say they consider video one of their preferred ways to learn about solutions that matter to them. How can you apply the most recent data on video marketing best practices and start speaking to IT decision makers with the right video approach? Read on… Read More

    By Geordie Carswell
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    Webinar Marketing

    Should You Use Prize Giveaways on Your Webinars & Events?

    We all know that good prizes can increase marketing campaign performance, but sometimes we may wonder: Are prizes and incentives a lead quality ‘sinkhole’? Or can they lift your lead counts to the next level? At ActualTech Media, we've done extensive testing on this. Read on to see what we've found… Read More

    By Geordie Carswell
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    Content Marketing

    Where to Spend on IT Content Marketing in 2022

    We polled our audience to find out how they feel about the standard stable of IT marketing tactics and assets. The overwhelming feedback we received reveals six key areas we recommend that our clients invest in, and three that are little more iffy in terms of bottom-line results… Read More

    By Geordie Carswell
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    Two Critical Video Marketing Data Points IT Marketers Need to See

    Smart IT marketers get it: video is a huge part of the future of technical marketing. We asked our audience of IT pros and decision makers what kind of video they find useful so that our clients can invest in the kind of video marketing that actually works. The results may surprise you…… Read More

    By Scott D. Lowe