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    Tech Marketing

    5 Best Practices to Ace Your Software Product Launch

    With failure rates for new products after launch hovering between 70% and 80%, even the most groundbreaking premarket products can induce launch anxiety… Read More

    By Geordie Carswell
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    Tech Marketing

    8 Ways To Bring Down Cost Per Lead in the Tech Industry

    Generating marketing qualified leads (MQLs)—the No.1 -one marketing priority for 34% of marketers—is important, but it’s also important that you do so efficiently. When it comes to measuring the efficiency of your lead generation efforts, measuring cost per lead is key… Read More

    By Ainsley Muller
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    Tech Marketing

    Developing a Strong SEO Foundation

    In this chapter, we will dive deeper into the different tactics and actionable tips on how exactly you can leverage ActualTech Media content to drive your efforts. We’ll paint a complete picture of the art and science of SEO, why it’s vital for B2B success, and how your team can lay down a solid foundation. Including: An Introduction to SEO; The Mysterious Google Algorithm; And Top SEO Ranking Factors… Read More

    By Ainsley Muller
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    Tech Marketing

    The Enterprise Tech Buyer’s Journey: A Step-by-Step Guide To Optimize Your Process

    Technology’s increasingly important role in an enterprise makes the buyer’s journey essential to your success. A solution provider needs to have an expert grasp on each customer's different motivations and expectations during each stage of the buying process… Read More

    By Amy Susienka