Webinars and virtual events continue to gain popularity in the professional world. That's good news for your B2B tech company. Because of the influx of tech webinars, B2B tech marketers have endless amounts of industry-specific information at their fingertips.

We've gathered the best tech webinar topics coming up this week and in the following weeks to help B2B tech marketers find their next virtual event.

Key Takeaways:

Tech Webinars This Week

June 2024

Supercharging Public Sector and Education Technology and Security

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ActualTech Media, Keeper Security, Zerto, Progress Software, Scale Computing, Commvault, Rubrik


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Protecting Cloud Data: Best Practices to Ensure the Security of Data in AWS, Azure and Microsoft 365

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Understanding Threat Detection and Response

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Why B2B Tech Marketers Should Attend Technology Webinars

IT webinars are a valuable source of information and inspiration. Thankfully, there are plenty of webinars to choose from since 29% of marketing webinars are from the tech industry.

Here are three reasons B2B tech marketers should regularly attend webinars in the tech industry.

Why people attend webinars

Learn the Latest News and Industry Trends

Webinars keep tech professionals informed about the latest trends, news, and products. Webinar attendees use that information in business practices to stay on top of the market and keep companies ahead of consumer behaviors.

Access Convenient Events

Online events are extremely convenient because attendees can log on from anywhere. There's no need for attendees to pay for transportation to the event, a hotel over the event weekend, or even leave their home office.

No other event offers the same flexibility and affordable options to learn about the industry. In addition, many webinars are also available on-demand, which provides even more flexibility.

Find Inspiration To Improve Your Business

Webinars inspire tech professionals in their fields and careers. The success and ideas of other tech leaders provide a fresh perspective and new ideas that help professionals grow in their positions and even learn new skills.

Still not convinced webinars are for you as a B2B tech marketer? Look at one of the recent webinars hosted by ActualTech Media to see what type of information and engagement opportunities are available to webinar attendees.

How To Watch Webinars Live or in the Future

There are webinars available every week. However, you might not always be available at the same time as the event takes place. That's why ActualTech Media offers two ways to watch webinars to ensure you don't miss out on your favorite topics.

Watch Webinars Live

Do you see an event you want to join? You can sign up and attend it live. Watching it live allows you to participate in real time, like completing polls, asking questions, and responding to the speaker. Live webinars also tend to be more engaging since attendees have that in-person feel.

Watch Webinars On-Demand

Sometimes your schedule doesn't quite line up with the webinar's schedule. That's OK, as 58% of webinar hosts also offer an on-demand option. However, at ActualTech Media, 100% of our webinars are available on-demand, so you'll never miss an event.

An on-demand webinar is a recording of a live tech event that attendees can access via the cloud. Then, the viewer can watch it on their schedule and as many times as they’d like. On-demand webinars still give attendees access to downloads and resources.

Where To Find the Latest Tech Webinars

ActualTech Media is your source for the latest news and industry updates in the tech industry. Our webinars attract leaders in tech-related fields, from big data to online security. No matter your interest, we have a webinar for you as a B2B tech marketer.

Follow ActualTech Media's webinar schedule to find upcoming webinars in your niche. To get started, explore five of the most popular topics we cover to find the next webinar event you want to attend.

Technology niches ActualTech Media's webinars cover

1. Big Data

Big data is the foundation of any successful modern business. Dive into the complexities of big data, how to use it, and ways to manage the data a company collects.

ActualTech Media brings in data experts to discuss today's best practices for collecting, using. and securing big data so attendees can see more accurate data-driven results. With guidance from tech experts, explore topics from data warehousing to the best systems for managing data today.

2. Cloud Topics

A staggering 94% of businesses use cloud systems. Hear from leaders in cloud software to learn what factors to consider when choosing the best approach for cloud business growth in 2023. Our webinars also explore some of the best practices for using cloud systems.

3. Data Security

With an increase in data use also comes more risks for data breaches. Knowing how to secure data has never been more critical than it is today. We can help get you on the road to greater digital security with our collection of security niche events. These webinars share the latest technology and strategies for reducing risks while controlling data access within businesses.

4. Tech Systems

There are hundreds of new technologies coming onto the market daily. However, knowing which ones to choose and how they fit together can feel overwhelming. Join one of the tech systems webinars and listen to IT leaders discuss the leading products and most innovative strategies to build a top-tier tech business today.

Dive into what’s available in storage, infrastructure, cloud, disaster recovery, security, ops, and other technology areas and how each system or device works together to drive companies to success.

5. AI and Machine Learning

The artificial intelligence industry is projected to increase by over 13x over the next eight years. Are you ready to meet this boom in AI and machine learning tech advances? ActualTech Media has your back with the latest news, tech products, and AI and machine learning practices.

Experts in AI and machine learning will bring their ideas and real-life examples of AI to help tech professionals find new ways of using AI and machine learning to boost their business's growth.

Sign Up for an Upcoming Tech Webinar

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