Email marketing is one of the most effective strategies for B2B content marketing for tech companies. Through email campaigns, you can target your audience, ensure your content appears in front of your reader, and generate a high return. To maximize your email’s effectiveness, you should start by optimizing your email marketing subject lines.

Explore seven subject lines that will help you ace your email marketing.

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What Role Does Your Subject Line Play in Email Marketing?

The average professional receives 121 new emails each day. Because of this, they can easily spend over 15 hours weekly just reading emails. That’s why over half of employees say too many emails keep them from performing their primary duties.

Most people don’t read every email in their inbox to reduce wasted time. So how can you be sure your email is one of the lucky few that get clicks and doesn’t end up in the trash within seconds?

As employees go through their inboxes, they see two pieces of information: who is sending the email and the subject line. You have a handful of characters to convince that decision maker that your message is worth their time.

The importance of email subject lines

7 Email Marketing Subject Lines That Increase Your Open Rate

These seven email subject lines for marketing emails will make your emails stand out and increase your open rate.

1. Keep the Big Reveal for the Email Body

Your email subject line is like a headline of an article. It should tell the reader what to expect without giving the content away. If you provide the reader with too much of your message in the headline, they won’t feel the need to read further. However, if you give them just enough of a taste of your content to pique their interest without fully satisfying them, you have a higher chance of them clicking on the email to read more.


That subject tells them what the email will talk about without giving away what those tools are. It’s just detailed enough to build trust and offer value.

2. Use Fear of Missing Out

Whether your recipient is a business or a consumer, the fear of missing out (FOMO) is still strong. No one wants to be the last to adopt a trend or new technology. Some ways to create a FOMO subject line include:

3. Make It Personal

Personalized subject lines yield a 50% higher open rate than generic subjects. Customized email subjects are crucial for account-based marketing, which thrives on relationship building. However, adding the recipient’s name isn’t the most effective personalization technique.

Some alternative ways to personalize subject lines include addressing tasks the decision maker performs, discussing their interests, or using location-specific topics. You might also make the subject line specific to a period, like addressing financial challenges when businesses are building budgets for the following year.

If you have a mutual connection, they attended one of your events, or you had previous correspondence, then use those connections in the subject line to build trust and make the email more personal.


4. Offer Something of Value

What will your readers receive if they open your email? If you can’t promise something of value in your subject line, they’re far less likely to click on the email. For example, the value you offer might be educational content that teaches them something new that will improve how they perform their job.

“How To” subject lines are popular ways of providing value.

However, your value can also be a gift or free downloads, like an e-book, webinar invites, or research report. When you offer something free to your readers, they’re more likely to reciprocate by signing up, clicking your links, or responding.

Subject lines introducing new products or features receive the highest click-through rate.

5. Optimize the Length

How your subject line appears influences the reader nearly as much as what you write in the subject. About 41% of email views come from mobile devices, compared to 39% from desktops. Therefore, your subject line must be a length optimized for different devices.

The average desktop inbox displays about 60 characters, while mobiles display only 30 characters. The ideal length of an email subject is no more than 44 characters. You can help it fit by replacing some words with emojis to communicate your message.

B2B subject lines that get opened

6. Be Transparent and Honest

Gimmick subject lines are the fastest way to end up in the spam folder. Instead, be honest and transparent with your professional email subject line. Your email should already have quality content. Your subject then needs to reflect that content.


These subject lines clearly state what the reader will learn about in the email, without resorting to clickbait subjects that over-promise, use reverse psychology (Like, “Don’t Open This Email!”), or use the shock factor.

7. Avoid Spam Triggers

The average email deliverability rate is 84.2%, with 15.8% of emails missing their mark. These emails end up in spam folders or go missing entirely.

Email providers help recipients reduce the number of spam emails by automatically filtering out emails that contain spam trigger words or formatting. Some examples include:

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