You take a considerable risk when you rely entirely on potential leads to find your content among the other 1.88 billion websites online. Those who do stumble upon your content aren’t always interested in your product or are able to buy. Instead of only using broad marketing strategies to find and target accounts, learn how content syndication works to attract quality leads and connect to target accounts.

Explore the content syndication process and how you can use it for lead generation in B2B tech marketing.

Key Takeaways:

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What Is Content Syndication?

Most marketing techniques work like a giant, public billboard advertisement. The creators hope that the right audience sees and responds, whereas content syndication is targeted. It takes your content and message and brings it to the door of a specific audience instead of waiting for them to come to your website.

Content syndication in lead generation distributes your digital content asset on websites your target audience frequents or directly to their email. You collect leads by gathering their information in exchange for your online content. This differs from brand awareness content syndication because you aren’t simply directing them back to your website from a popular content platform. Instead, you’re building a measurable campaign by giving an action readers must complete, which provides you with data about who’s interacting with your content.

How To Get Started with Content Syndication

Before starting a lead generation content syndication campaign, you must answer three foundational questions: Why, How, and Who.

Why: Define Your Purpose

Why do you want to use content syndication for your marketing campaign?

For example, do you want to sell a new product or build a database of leads? Knowing your purpose helps you decide whether content syndication is the best option for your needs and the best types of content for accomplishing your objective.

If your goals are sales-oriented, be sure to account for steps in between content syndication and conversion for nurturing the leads you bring in.

How: Create Specific and Measurable Goals

How will you use content syndication for your purpose, and how will you know when you’re successful? Content syndication is precise and has measurable metrics that you compare to your benchmarks to know whether your content syndication campaign is successful. You can create SMART goals by making specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and time-based goals.

Creating goals is an internal decision, often reflecting your team's marketing and sales goals. For example, if you have a lead target goal for the quarter, that might also become your content syndication goal.

Who: Build Buyer Personas

Who do you want to reach with your content syndication efforts?

Create one or several audience personas that will guide your decision about what to create and where to distribute your content. Businesses that create personas and use customer journey mapping see 73% higher conversions. As the following example shows, your buyer personas aren’t just for businesses but also for the primary decision makers within those businesses.

Decision-maker buyer persona

If you build a target account list, you can run a content syndication email campaign directly to high-value accounts' inboxes.

How Content Syndication Works: 5 Steps of the Content Syndication Process

When you know the purpose and goals of your content syndication strategy, you can start building a campaign that will accomplish that goal using these five steps.

1. Choose a Content Syndication Service

Your content syndication vendor has a network of publishers you can use when sharing your content. In addition, you can use filters to identify your goals and target audience to ensure you get your content in front of the right people.

Use these questions to choose the right content syndication platform:

For example, at ActualTech Media, we provide filters that let you target specific industries, locations, demographics, job titles, and more. After running your campaign, you can expect to receive a list of nurture-ready leads that you easily import into your CRM.

2. Create a Digital Asset

Your digital asset is online content that holds enough value that your leads are willing to share their personal information in exchange for your content. In addition, it should be content that encourages engagement and is easy to read and digest.

Some examples of the most successful content syndication assets that ActualTech media has seen include:

About 47% of marketers say that video and text content performed the best, with short-form content being the most popular.

You can repurpose the content you already have for the campaign or digital assets you create specifically for content syndication.

3. Find the Right Publisher

Your publisher is the third-party person who displays and shares your digital assets. Choose publishers that reach your target audience. If the publisher is an industry leader, that can also give your digital content more authority.

4. Work with Your Vendor

Your content syndication vendor helps you find the right publisher by using their filters and content syndication network. In addition, they’ll give you suggestions for where to share your content.

You also work together to decide how to share the content. For example, some content syndication platforms use a simple process where you upload your asset. Then they distribute it on website widgets from their network.

When working with ActualTech Media, your content distribution is direct to the individual user, which guarantees your target audience sees your content.

5. Nurture Your Leads

Your content syndication campaign ends when you reach a specified number of leads or complete your selected time frame. Even though the campaign is over, your process isn’t. The next step is to nurture the leads you collected before handing them over to sales to close deals.

For a successful nurturing strategy, set up fast and efficient processes for contacting leads soon after they interact with your asset. Most content syndication processes will start attracting leads within two weeks of starting.

Find a Content Syndication Provider for Your Next Campaign

Generate new leads for your business using ActualTech Media’s content syndication solutions. We offer advanced targeting, account-based marketing programs, and multi-touch campaign options. You can syndicate a variety of assets, from written content to video. As your campaign brings in leads, our lead reporting and tracking features allow you to see how well your content performs.

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