Roughly 76% of B2B marketers are increasing their paid content distribution investment. Most marketers accept that organic methods alone aren't enough to reach your target audience and generate leads. However, not everyone knows what alternative options are available. Marketing content syndication addresses many pain points by offering an option to reach your audience where they are with content that attracts potential buyers.

Learn what marketing content syndication is and why it should be a crucial part of your B2B tech marketing strategy.

Key Takeaways:

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The Biggest Challenges Marketers Face Today

Roughly 85% of marketers say lead generation is their most critical business goal. However, 68% of B2B marketers struggle to attract the right leads.

68% of B2B companies struggle with lead generation

One of the most significant barriers to lead generation is the large amount of competition fighting for those same leads. In addition, you must also fight against the other online noise that drowns out your marketing content as you try to get your message in front of the right audience.

Who is the "right" audience?

The right audience is quality leads or decision makers within businesses that have a high chance of purchasing from your company or a need you could fill with your services. You can identify these leads because they’ll match your ideal customer profile.

Another lead generation struggle marketers face is obtaining the right information. Identifying a quality lead is only helpful if you have the means to contact that lead and track their behavior. Outdated, missing, or incorrect information can turn a high-quality lead into a useless contact, which wastes the marketing efforts you used to acquire that lead.

How Is Marketing Content Syndication the Solution?

What you need to solve that challenge is a marketing solution that generates leads while also ensuring you have accurate and updated information you can use to track and connect with that lead through email, phone, and other marketing methods.

Content syndication for lead generation checks all the boxes and offers the ideal solution for an otherwise daunting challenge.

ActualTech Media's content syndication services only target the accounts that you select. These are decision makers that match your ideal customer profile. This ensures you attract the right leads and don't fill your sales pipeline with buyers with little interest or capability to purchase from you.

Through ActualTech Media's advanced filters and targeting capabilities, you can select additional criteria that will weed out weak leads. For example, you might only want to collect leads if they interact with your brand twice or more. You might also target buyers based on their title or industry.

Once you’ve selected who you want to target, you can distribute your gated content like video, whitepapers, e-books, or briefs to those target accounts. When your target audience interacts with the content, you receive their contact information to fill your sales pipeline.

ActualTech Media cleans those leads to ensure the list you receive from your campaign is net-new leads with complete and updated information you can use.

Why Should Tech Brands Use Content Syndication B2B Strategies?

Content syndication offers four primary benefits for marketers.

1. Maximize the Return of Your Marketing Spend

Over half of marketers spend more than half their budget on lead generation, with the average B2B tech lead's cost starting between $31 and $60. While the initial cost of acquiring B2B leads is high, the value of their accounts will pay for the lead generation costs and add to your profit, which makes the cost worth the investment.

However, when you spend time and resources on leads that don't convert, that cost cuts away at your total revenue. That's why a focused strategy is essential for maximizing your return, as it ensures you're spending your time on the most promising accounts instead of risking your investment on low-value leads.

ActualTech Media's content syndication is a targeted strategy that uses filters to focus on the most valuable accounts.

53% of businesses allocate more than half their budget to lead generation

2. Receive Measurable Results

Another top marketing challenge is measuring your return on investment (ROI) from your marketing strategies, according to 28% of marketers.

Keeping track of your ROI is essential for knowing that your efforts are paying off. If you're spending more than you receive back, your marketing strategies aren't successful. ROI requires assigning a dollar amount to your marketing results, which allows you to calculate how much your results are worth compared to how much you spent.

You can calculate content syndication's returns in the form of generated leads, a more specific metric than other marketing metrics. For example, brand awareness relies on web traffic metrics, which don't show how many of those visitors are potential buyers. However, lead generation provides valuable data on your readers, like their title and industry, that helps you assign a dollar value based on their potential to purchase when calculating your ROI.

3. Reach Only the Accounts That Matter

The average B2B sales cycle across all industries can last between three to six months and requires several touchpoints before they trust the business enough to buy their products. Providing that level of care and interaction to all leads is very time-consuming and can hurt your results more than help you reach your goals.

Account-based marketing (ABM) is a strategy that treats each target account as more than just a number and gives them the time and reassurance they need to trust you. For ABM to be successful, you only reach out to specific accounts instead of sending out broad marketing content.

For example, you can use content syndication through email, so your message appears in the inbox of a small number of high-value accounts. This ensures those that matter the most see your content and increases your chances of a response. About 64% of B2B marketers say email marketing helped them reach their business goals.

4. Nurture More Leads

You can't have a successful lead generation campaign without lead nurturing being part of the strategy. Marketers that do well with lead nurturing generate 50% more sales-ready leads at 33% less cost. In addition, nurtured leads make larger purchases than those you don't nurture.

Some of the top content for lead nurturing includes:

Add Marketing Content Syndication to Your Strategy

ActualTech Media has the resources, support, and tools you need for every stage of content syndication, from content creation to distribution. We then offer extensive reports on how your campaign performed so you can make more informed decisions.

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