Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) have become critical players in the marketing industry. These technological advancements have allowed marketers to create smarter content based on real industry insights. As a result, content intelligence for IT marketing is no longer optional but is necessary to generate and convert leads in 2023.

Learn the benefits of content intelligence for tech marketing and how to use content intelligence tools to boost your marketing efforts.

Key Takeaways:

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What Is Content Intelligence?

Content intelligence uses AI and data intelligence to research, create, and analyze content for marketing. It uses ML to perform human tasks with greater speed and efficiency. Content intelligence also collects insights from the content you publish.

What Types of Content Intelligent Platforms Are Available?

Content intelligence platforms are specific software you can use to perform content intelligence tasks. Platforms vary from specialized tools for one or two jobs to all-in-one solutions. All-in-one content software provides content research, creation, management, and tracking tools. Meanwhile, specialized tools focus on one area of content intelligence.

Here are a few examples of content intelligence platform capabilities:

Why Is Content Intelligence Important for Tech Marketing?

Tech marketers who use content intelligence see greater returns from streamlined processes and more accurate content marketing strategies.

For example, content intelligence helps tech marketers understand which channels and strategies work best for nurturing and selling products in the B2B tech industry. This knowledge guides future spending to ensure that your budget yields the maximum return.

Content intelligence also aids in the creation process. You can create content smarter, using past content and consumer behavior data. This increases the chances of your content resonating with your audience. In addition, a content intelligence platform will streamline the creation and distribution processes to make them easier and faster to complete.

When you create relevant and quality content through content intelligence, you improve the customer experience. About 86% of customers will spend more if they have a positive customer experience.

45.9% of businesses will prioritize the customer experience in the next five years

5 Ways To Use Content Intelligence in Tech Marketing

Follow these five steps to improve how you use your content intelligence platforms.

1. Research Your Industry for Relevant Content Ideas

A content intelligence platform’s primary purpose is to understand your audience and their specific needs. You can use the platform to research keywords, common search phrases, and your audience’s demographics. These insights help you make relevant and timely content and optimize that content for search engines.

For example, 71% of marketers prioritize keyword research in their content creation strategy. A keyword research tool will tell you what keywords consumers search most often within your industry. Then, you can compare those keywords to the number of pages competing for that search phrase to know how likely your content is to show up in a search query for that term.

Understanding how people search allows you to optimize your content so it shows up near the top of search results for your target industry. However, without content intelligence, you can only guess what phrases your audience will search, which means you might miss out on valuable traffic.

2. Strategically Plan Your Content

After you research your content, you must also decide how to distribute that content, such as the best platforms or channels to use. In addition, you must choose between paid ads or organic content distribution strategies. You might also consider using alternative distribution methods like content syndication for lead generation.

Only 20% of marketers claim to understand how to run a successful marketing campaign. Instead of guessing what works, content intelligence can give you insights into past campaigns and current trends as a framework for building your marketing campaign.

Your content intelligence platform helps you narrow down the best methods for distribution by offering demographic insights for each distribution channel, what content performs best with technology clients, and even when to publish your content to get the greatest response.

3. Create Higher-Quality Content

Content marketing has been so successful that nearly one-third of B2B marketers are increasing their budget. However, to stay on top of this new surge in content creation, you shouldn't focus on producing more content. That would only add to the noise. Instead, you need to create quality content that keeps your business positioned as an industry leader. About 55% of marketers identified content quality as a successful content marketing strategy.

Some content intelligence platforms help you increase the quality of your content. For example, a platform might perform website audits that look for broken links and offer quality link suggestions. In addition, content creator platforms often have a plagiarism checker, grammar checker, and even AI text generation tools that work alongside the content creators to write blog posts or video scripts.

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4. Track and Optimize Your Content

You won’t know how well your content marketing is performing unless you have a way to track and measure its results. Therefore, a large part of content intelligence is the actual intelligence aspect. This side of the platform collects data on your content’s performance.

About 60% of marketers say leads generated is the top metric for measuring how well their content performed. However, there are other metrics you can also use. For example, content intelligence companies will also want to track include:

5. Manage Your Content in One Place

Like a content management system (CMS), a content intelligence platform brings all your content into one convenient platform. You can research, create, and track your content from a single dashboard. In addition, this system makes it easier to run several campaigns at one time across different platforms.

Managing your content also allows you to keep track of old content to ensure it remains relevant. Then you can update content when necessary to improve your search engine rankings.

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