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The '3 E's' of Exceptional IT Content

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In the realm of content marketing, creating content that resonates with the audience is paramount. ActualTech Media's article introduces the concept of the "3 E's" as the cornerstone of exceptional content. These three elements are: Entertaining, Educational, and Engaging. Content must captivate the reader, ensuring it's enjoyable and not just a mundane read. Beyond entertainment, the content should serve an educational purpose, providing valuable insights and answers to the audience's queries. This educational aspect builds goodwill and positions the content creator as a trusted source of information. Lastly, content should be engaging, prompting the reader to take action, whether it's reading another article, signing up for a newsletter, or making a purchase. The article emphasizes that while content is an art form, its true value is realized when it effectively engages the audience, leading to tangible outcomes. In essence, mastering the "3 E's" can elevate content from mere information to a powerful marketing tool.

Part X of This 10-Part Blog Series on Enterprise IT Content Marketing Fundamentals

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In This Article:

  • An Introduction to the three "E's" of great content
  • What you should know about the three "E's" of great content

Last year, I read the book "Kingmakers: A Content Marketing Story." (Amazon Link)

As a content creator, there were a number of parts of this book that resonated with me. It was fun to feel a connection with someone who has a deep appreciation for the artistic side of content creation but is also ruthlessly scientific in measuring the results achieved with the content. At the end of the day, that’s content marketing.

It’s the art of really good copy that moves someone emotionally combined with the science of where and how to use it. Which distribution channels the content is leveraged on and which demographics and audience personas are targeted are some of the more scientific bits. When the mushier side of old-school advertising makes a baby with hardcore data-driven marketing, and you build relationships by delivering valuable content, you get content marketing.

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The '3 E’s' of Exceptional Content

Every content creator wonders at some point, “How can I create better content?”

The section that I remember most from this book is about David’s “3 E’s.” In a nutshell, these are three key ingredients to creating content that performs really well. The content must be …

  1. Entertaining
  2. Educational
  3. Engaging

… and in that order of priority.

In my work the last few years, I've overseen the creation of content that helps IT vendors connect with information-hungry IT buyers. I've been observing how that content is received, and I totally agree with David’s priorities here. And I find this 3 E’s mnemonic a helpful way to remember each ingredient. I'm constantly teaching my team (and the army of contributors we work with) to think about these things.

1. It Must Be (E)ntertaining

We all have access to such a wealth of content these days that we don’t have time for reading something that isn’t entertaining.

You know this to be true.

Even if you know you need to glean the information contained in a boring article, you still struggle to make it through.

You get distracted.

Check your e-mail.

Your mind wanders.

In the sea of content in which we all live, our pleasure-seeking brains only have time for content that's actually enjoyable to read.

That’s why it’s so critical that as content marketers, we focus not only on creating content that's helpful and converts (the next two E’s), but that is legitimately fun to read. None of the other elements will matter if reading the content is like watching paint dry.

2. It Must Be (E)ducational

I’m not much of a fiction reader, so I read almost exclusively for education in one form or another. I would suggest that most audiences content marketers target are also going to read their content primarily for education. David says that “most of the value that someone gains from content is through the retention of new knowledge.”

Aside: I think there's potentially value in a piece of content that's strictly entertaining. You could probably foster some brand loyalty by just being fun and giving people a much-needed reprieve from their daily grind. But the opportunities to do this and do it well are few and far between (at least in the spaces where I practice). 

One of the reasons that educational content is so important to content marketing is that seeking to answer a question is one of the primary ways that people stumble upon new content. They head to their favorite search engine (let’s be honest, they head to Google) and they search for their question. They click on results that are likely to have the answer to their question. (Conveniently, Google is always tuning its algorithm to surface the results that are most likely to answer the question, too.)

It stands to reason that if you want your content to 1) be found and 2) perform, then it should help people answer questions that they have. Not just in a buyer's journey sort of sense where your content answers questions a prospect would have about your product. It doesn’t need to be nearly that self-serving in many cases. It merely needs to be helpful.

For example, educational content for a car dealership looking to get you to buy a minivan doesn’t need to be “10 Reasons You’ll Never Regret Buying a Minivan.” In fact, I would argue that it should not be so self-serving. There’s likely more to be gained from your would-be minivan buyers from producing the article, “Top 5 Leasing Mistakes You Should Never Make,” and giving them seriously helpful advice about how to not screw themselves on a new lease.

The goodwill that strong educational content builds with your prospect is invaluable.

Educating someone without asking for much or anything at all in exchange also leaves them in your debt from a psychology standpoint. If you do an above-and-beyond job of educating someone when they don’t need something from you, they’ll surely remember you fondly when they do need whatever it is that you’re selling.

3. It Must Be (E)ngaging

Finally, all of this content creation is for naught if the content isn’t engaging. And by engaging, David means that it moves the reader to engage with it. To do something. Effectively, this means taking a call to action.

That could be anything from moving on to another article, all the way to a long form fill where they share a bunch of personal information in exchange for even deeper and more valuable content.

As content marketers, the art we create isn’t worth much by itself; it must also convert.

However, if you can measure results that show that the art you create engages with humans on an emotional level that moves them to take action, your art will make you wealthy and powerful, my friend.

At least for now, content is king, and leveraging the 3 E’s will make you a kingmaker.

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