How a Discovery Campaign Helps

A Discovery Campaign helps you solve this challenge by combining multiple assets, promotion tactics, and demand generation opportunities to keep a consistent cadence of technical and business content fed directly into the marketplace of IT decision makers.

Armed with a stack of video, content and assets produced as part of your Discovery Campaign, you’ll be able to keep your company and solution front-and-center week after week, building familiarity with your brand and technology while ‘priming the pump’ for your sales team’s outreach.

Discovery Campaign content assets include:

  • Full-length featured technical and business-level videos
  • Video shorts optimized for social media
  • Technical and executive brief papers
  • Podcast featured appearance
  • MegaCast or EcoCast presentation slots
  • Expert blog posts
  • eBooks & more!

Discovery Content Package and Location Options

Depending on your needs, Discovery Campaign packages include options for different quantities of video, assets, content and demand generation leads:

Discovery Campaign Packages

DELIVERABLES Package 1 Package 2 Package 3 Custom
Videos 2 3 4 Create your own custom Discovery Campaign with access to the full library of ActualTech Media's product and services portfolio, including asset types such as surveys and our full Gorilla Guide book series!
Technical or Executive Briefs 1 2 3
White Papers or Gorilla Guide Express Books -- -- 1
Blog posts 2 4 6
Podcast 1 1 2
EcoCast Participation (400 leads) 1 1 --
MegaCast Participation (800 leads) -- -- 1
Location Options Explained
Option 1: Dedicated Site Visit

We come to you! We’ll head to your offices or to a local studio and shoot your video.

Option 2: Participate in a ‘Discovery Week’

We know that many companies need services like Discovery Campaign but may not have a budget that can support a dedicated endeavor. Throughout the year, ActualTech Media is scheduling “Discovery Weeks”. During these weeklong periods, we will rent a recording studio in an area (Silicon Valley, Austin, or Boston, typically) and will schedule two clients for each day that we have the studio and we will spend 1⁄2 day with each client recording video. This allows us to spread our costs out, which allows us to reduce the cost a bit and to provide different package options that would otherwise not be possible.

Discovery Campaign Features Explained

Discovery Series Videos

ActualTech Media will shoot video intended to help audiences discover the client’s products and solutions. These 15–20 minute videos are professionally shot and edited in a recording studio. The exact topics and formats will be outlined in a separate Content Planning document.

Technical or Executive Brief

A formatted 5–7 page paper targeted at your preferred audience. Topics are mutually agreed upon by the client and ActualTech Media. Includes ActualTech Media standard paper design and layout and can be co-branded with client’s logo. Includes two editing rounds with the client.

Full Whitepaper or Gorilla Guide Express

A fully formatted 10–12 page white paper. Includes content creation, editing and layout. The Gorilla Guide Express option includes content creation, editing and layout, as well as 500 print copies in a 4″ x 6″ Gorilla Guide Express format. Includes two editing rounds with the client. Can be co-branded with the client logo.

Blog Posts

A 750–900 word blog post on a topic mutually agreeable to client and ActualTech Media. Blog can be posted at client site, to or another ActualTech Media site, or to both sites.

’10onTech’ Podcast Appearance

Join the ActualTech Media team on our 10onTech podcast where we’ll spend 15–20 minutes talking about the topic of the day. We’ll work with your team to define an appropriate topic, will send you a Rode Podcaster microphone with a return address label, and set up a time to record our joint thoughts around the selected topic.

MegaCast & EcoCast Demand Generation Events Participation

Participation in an ActualTech Media MegaCast or EcoCast virtual event, which guarantees a minimum of anywhere from 400–800 registrations per event!

As a part of the Discovery Campaign service, the client is free to choose participation in any scheduled MegaCast or EcoCast event that still has available sponsorship slots.