Spotlight Series, Storage

Your Storage, Your Way, with iXsystems

Some companies talk about the “open” nature of their products, but in real-world usage, proprietary elements quickly begin to creep in—and before you know it, you’re locked in to one vendor’s solution.

Not so with iXsystems, which has been truly open throughout its history. In this “Spotlight Series” video, Kris Moore, iXsystems’ SVP Engineering, talks with ActualTech Media Partner James Green about the company’s open past and where it’s headed.

iXsystems’ TrueNAS storage products are truly open source—built on open source code, of course, but also using open standards and open protocols. There’s no vendor lock-in. As Moore says in the video, “We allow a lot of customization, being able to run custom apps and plug-ins on top of storage. We don’t stop you [from customizing]. In fact, we encourage it.”

Moore also discussed a new product, TrueNAS SCALE, which includes scale-out file and object (S3) storage services, including clustering, and containerized applications supported on Kubernetes.

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