Why ‘Behavioral Data’ Is Crucial To Understanding Your Customers

If you’re like most companies, you know some basics about your customers—what they’re buying and related information, for instance. But for most organizations, it doesn’t go much beyond that. To go deeper, you need “behavioral data.”

That’s what Snowplow specializes in. In this “Spotlight Series” discussion with ActualTech Webinar Moderator Jess Steinbach, Nick King, President, Chief Product & Marketing Officer for Snowplow, talks about how behavioral data can give your company the edge.

“Shifting from a data-centric to data-first organization gives you the power to define your own path, and collect and create that data that regular third-party systems couldn’t create in an accurate way,” King says.

That behavioral data helps you understand how your customers interact across your products and services as well as other brand touchpoints. In turn, that leads to better decisions that positively impact your bottom line.

Watch the entire interview here.