#VMworld 2016 Interview with Scality (@Scality)

Scality (@Scality), known for simplifying object storage, recently announced its first open source software: the S3 Server. At VMworld 2016 James Green had a chance to speak with Jerome Lecat, Co-founder and CEO at Scality, about the new S3 Server, which offers AWS S3-like qualities and is fully compatible with Amazon’s APIs. It can be deployed on a laptop for quick dev and test use cases, and can scale to a full production server.
It’s especially beneficial for developers new to object storage because of the solution’s ease of use and flexibility. As Lecat explains, object storage was designed to handle large amounts of data on the Petabyte scale to meet the demands of today’s digitally driven organizations. One of the biggest advantages of an object storage architecture is that it takes care of many of the typically manual tasks associated with storage management, like volume allocation or performance management. And Scality’s S3 Server is a great way to get started with object storage for free.
If you’re not familiar with Scality, check out James’ Scality S3 Server demo video below or give it a try yourself at