VMware Cloud on AWS Interview with Ivan Oprencak @VMwareCloudAWS

At this year’s VMworld, the company announced a brand new product: VMware Cloud On AWS. As part of our Roadcast video interview series, we stopped by VMware HQ where we met with expert, Ivan Oprencak, Director of Product Marketing for VMware Cloud on AWS, to get the basics and learn what the product is and how it works.


In the video above, Oprencak gives us the complete 101 on VMware Cloud on AWS. He explains that at the basic level, it’s an on-demand service that integrates VMware compute, networking and storage with Amazon’s AWS bare-metal infrastructure. It includes vSphere, NSX and VSAN and because they’re running on bare-metal, customers can get the same type of performance, scalability and available that is available from VMware’s on-premises deployments, Oprencak tells us. Watch the video to get a great overview of VMware Cloud on AWS, what the service can offer to organizations, how it works and where and how organizations can purchase it. For additional information, pricing, resources and FAQs, visit

VMware Cloud On AWS Use Cases

In another video we chat with Oprencak about the most common use cases for VMware Cloud on AWS. VMware spent a lot of time with its early access customers prior to launching the new service earlier this year, establishing several use cases and categories where their customers fit in. Oprencak outlines some of the popular use cases, including disaster recovery as a service, on-demand capacity, regional capacity and more. There are also customers who want to move their on-prem data centers to the cloud. In the video, Oprencak goes deeper into the specific scenarios and how customers are leveraging VMware’s Cloud on AWS.

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