ATMCOMIO, Spotlight Series

Up-Level Your Incident Response Game with StackPulse

Getting alerts about things that have gone wrong in your production systems is crucial for making sure your operations run smoothly. But how do you know which alerts are most important for your company? How do you know which alerts to tackle first? And what do you do about “alert fatigue,” the situation that occurs when there are so many alerts that an admin starts turning them off or ignoring them because there are too many coming in?
Answering those key questions is what StackPulse does. It centralizes data from production systems—network monitoring, application monitoring, infrastructure monitoring, and so on—and gets it to your IT team. But it also goes further, automatically gathering additional context about the problem to help you solve problems more quickly.
As VP of Growth Josh Thorngren explains to ActualTech Media CEO Scott Lowe in this Spotlight Series video, StackPulse helps IT teams understand what’s happening in their specific environment, and provides tools that enable them to take faster action on issues.
Click on the video above to watch the whole interview, and learn more about StackPulse’s solution.