Unravel Uses Artificial Intelligence To Help Improve Your Data Pipeline

“We were founded to solve a fundamental problem,” Steven Wastie says. “If you’re running modern data applications — IoT, machine learning, advanced analytics — how do you ensure those applications are performing in the way the business needs them to perform?” That’s how Wastie, Chief Marketing Officer for Unravel, summed up the company’s mission to ActualTech Media CEO Scott Lowe in this RoadCast video.
Unravel solves performance problems and resource management issues by leveraging the power of artificial intelligence, or AI. Their API plugs into systems like Spark, Hadoop and NoSQL, brings the data into their own model and applies their analytics to it, drawing out actionable insights for spotting problems early and fixing issues. Watch the video above to find out more.
In the second video below, Wastie and Lowe discuss how the cloud is dramatically impacting businesses, and how Unravel fits into that space. Most organizations have moved at least some operations to public clouds like Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure. This means a new level of complexity when it comes to the data pipeline, and infrastructure optimization becomes even more difficult. Find out below how Unravel is solving these cloudy problems.