Tintri's Secret Software Scale-Out Sauce & New All-Flash Storage

Tintri is known for its all-flash and hybrid flash storage arrays built for virtualized and cloud environments. But the company is doing some very interesting things with its software, too. During our latest visit to Tintri’s headquarters, part of our recent RoadCast video series, we spoke with Chuck Dubuque, VP of Products at Tintri, to learn more about the software side of Tintri.

Dubuque tells us that Tintri has been working on helping customers scale to meet their unique requirements. The company is taking a different approach to scale than the typical storage vendors, taking inspiration from how VMware scales out compute for server resources, says Dubuque. With VMware resource pools, you don’t have to open up a server and add more memory in order to host more VMs in a pool, Dubuque explains; instead, you add another server, add VMware’s software and VMs can start taking advantage of this new resource.

Tintri takes a similar approach with its scale-out technology, so organizations can start small and easily add on more storage as needed – up to 40 Petabytes and 64 Tintri nodes all managed in Tintri’s Global Center system, says Dubuque. This translates to half a million VMs, 20 million IOPS, and a lot of capacity, according to Dubuque.

Tintri’s scale-out technology allows customers to create pools of storage, Dubuque explains, very similar to VMware’s pools of compute. This means organizations can create storage pools using different array models, both hybrid and all-flash, and with different capacities, says Dubuque. This is completely unlike typical storage where the same exact model is required in order to scale.

Dubuque also discusses how Tintri solved a lot of the limitations in VMware’s Storage vMotion, which is inefficient, can typically take a lot of time and put a lot of strain on the production. Tintri’s software essentially takes over to complete the storage migration process while maintaining the deduplication, compression, thin provisioning and everything that would otherwise get lost in order to ensure efficient, timely operation.

The net result, Dubuque says, is that up to 10 to 30 times less data is being moved across the network, and it never impacts the host. Most importantly, it only takes minutes instead of hours.

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Tintri’s Flash Platform Highlights

In a separate video, Dubuque talks about Tintri’s brand new product lines, including the new EC6000, an all-flash enterprise-grade storage array that scales up to 40 petabytes. Dubuque also shares more information on how Tintri allows customers to expand the overall chassis capacity, which is a brand new feature in the new EC6000 series.

Watch the video for more information and visit to learn more about Tintri’s new all-flash products.