083 - The ‘Keys’ to Proper Key Management

It may seem odd at first glance for a traditional storage company like StorMagic to branch out into the area of security—specifically, key management.

But as StorMagic Chief Marketing and Product Officer Bruce Kornfeld explains, it’s actually a natural progression. After all, in this day of data being everywhere—on-premises, off-premises, in the cloud, at the edge—it’s more important than ever to encrypt that data, since there are so many more ways to get at it.

And encryption, of course, requires keys. Kornfeld discusses the field of key management with ActualTech Media Partner James Green on this episode of “10 on Tech.” They also go in-depth on StorMagic’s key management product, SvKMS, and why it’s worth taking a look at as you improve your security posture.

Highlights of the show include:

  • What prompted StorMagic to add security, and specifically key management, to its offerings
  • How to properly manage keys, including concepts like “rotating” keys and centralization
  • The danger of management silos, and how it can impact your key management
  • The drawbacks of hardware security modules (HSMs), and how SvKMS can help overcome those

Resource links from the show:

StorMagic — https://stormagic.com/

StorMagic SvKMS Encryption Key Management — https://stormagic.com/encryption-key-management/

StorMagic Free Trial — https://stormagic.com/trial/

StorMagic Case Studies — https://stormagic.com/resources/case-studies/

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