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The Fungible DPU: Dawn of a New Era?

Modern data centers have to do so much more than they used to that it’s impossible to keep up anymore. With data existing in multiple places, infrastructure on-premises and in the cloud, distributed computing becoming the norm, and so on, a new way of thinking has to be implemented to keep things running.

That’s the whole idea behind Fungible’s DPU, or Data Processing Unit. Fungible CDO/Co-Founder Pradeep Sindhu chatted with ActualTech Media Partner James Green about the DPU, and how it can take your data center operations to the next level, on this “Spotlight Series” episode.

DPU is a processor purpose-built to execute infrastructure services much more efficiently than a typical CPU or GPU; in fact, an order of magnitude more efficiently. It’s most useful for processes like data-heavy workloads; large amounts of data; when the ratio of IO to compute is high; and stateful workloads. It enables data centers to become much more high-performance, more agile, more reliable, and more secure.

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