Stratodesk Offers Scalable, Unified, and Simplified Endpoint Management

Here’s how the work-from-home revolution affected one company: it had to send out 10,000 USB sticks to get its workforce back online. The employees had to use the stick to enable them to boot their computers at home and connect to their datacenter.

Needless to say, this is a bad solution. A much better one is to implement an endpoint solution that makes managing your mobile workforce easy and secure. Enter Stratodesk, and its Linux-based endpoint OS.

That’s the focus of this Spotlight Series discussion between Stratodesk CEO Emanuel Pirker and ActualTech Media Events Moderator Jess Steinbach. Pirker makes the observation that the pandemic led to a new way of thinking about WFH: “The whole paradigm around management changes,” he said.

Stratodesk understands that. It  can make a managed, secure corporate endpoint out of pretty much any hardware out there, including a new PC, old PC, thin client, Raspberry Pi—basically, whatever you have.

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