Stay Current with Trends in Enterprise IT by Following the ActualTech Media RoadCast Series

As you might imagine, staying current with technology trends and the companies that participate in those trends is critically important for us at ActualTech Media.  Although we are constantly attending briefings and various conferences, nothing replaces actual one-on-one face-to-face discussions with the companies that comprise today’s enterprise IT vendor landscape.

To that end, a couple of times a year, the ActualTech Media team descends upon Silicon Valley (and other cities later this year), where we ravenously devour as much knowledge as we can by visiting a myriad of companies around the valley.  At each company, we create some videos around topics that we feel our audience will find interesting and help them learn about what’s new in the world of IT and the companies that are constantly innovating and changing how we do our jobs in IT.  At each site, we shoot two or three videos, each running around five minutes or so in length.

2017 marks our third year embarking on this undertaking and, since it’s become a tradition, we’ve also decided to call this trip the ActualTech Media RoadCast.  During the week of February 6, 2017, we’ll be interviewing people at twenty-eight tech companies in Silicon Valley.  Doing some quick math reveals that we’ll be creating between sixty and ninety videos or so on a ton of different topics, each at a very consumable length.  We’ll be sharing these videos with you throughout the week and we hope that you’ll have the time to watch them.

We intend to create a blog post describing our meetings with each company that we visit, but those will take a bit of time to generate and we don’t want to delay the release of the videos we’re producing on our trip.  So that you can see the videos even before we have the associated blog posts created, we’ll post links to them right here on this page.  If you’d like to follow our progress, periodically refresh this page and keep track!