Spectra Logic Helps Smooth On-Prem and Cloud Data Integration

“In every situation, there’s always some data that’s required on-prem.” It could be for regulatory or compliance reasons, efficiency reasons, or whatever—the takeaway is that for almost all companies, there will be a need for local backup.

That’s the driving motivation behind Spectra Logic, which VP of Product Management David Feller spelled out in this Spotlight Series video. Feller and I had a great discussion of Spectra Logic’s vision and where the company is headed.

Feller said Spectra Logic is “all about long-term preservation of data and data management,” whether it’s in the cloud or on-premises. He said the hardest part is integrating the two environments and making them work seamlessly together.

He went on to explain how Spectra Logic does all that and more. Click here to watch the entire video, and point your browser here to learn more about the ways Spectra Logic can help you.