Skyport Systems: Will Cloud Really Kill The On-Prem Data Center Or Did We Fall For The Big Lie?

These days it seems like every organization is in the process of, planning to or already completed their move to the cloud. The advantages that public cloud can bring typically outweigh the benefits of a traditional data center. Some might even go as far as to say the cloud is eating the world.

But is cloud really going to kill the on-premises data center?

During our latest RoadCast trip in Silicon Valley, we met with Nils Swart, Head of Product for Skyport Systems, to get his perspective. Swart predicts that in the coming years everything that is bulk compute and anything that doesn’t have a good reason to stay on-prem will very likely move to the cloud. The cost and complexity of running and managing a traditional data center today are simply not worth the amount of applications that really need to stay behind, Swart says. The existing data center model as we know it simply on its way out for most organizations.

However, while most bulk workloads are not a problem to move to the cloud, there are some applications that will always have to remain on-premises. For example, applications that hold intellectual property or those that need to stay close to end users for latency related reasons, according to Swart. There are also sovereignty and compliance reasons that might dictate where certain data resides. And we can’t forget about legacy applications that have not been re-architected for a modern platform and that probably won’t ever go through that transition.

This is where Skyport Systemrs is making its play with a hardware/software hyper-converged platform that sits on-premises but is built, run and served by Skyport. it’s a secure platform for running business critical applications that are not good candidates for the public cloud, but it offers a cloud-like experience.

In the video, Swart explains that Skyport’s offering has the look and feel of a typical hyper-converged solution, but where the company differentiates itself is in that its designed not for the bulk compute workloads, but rather the applications that organizations simply cannot move to the public cloud. In many ways, Skyport is enabling organizations to embrace the cloud while keeping everything that matters on-prem. It’s a solution that’s built for the real future of the cloud.

The Big Lie

While visiting Skyport, we also met up with Rob Rodgers, Chief Architect at Skyport, who presented us with an interesting idea, suggesting that we have all bought into the lie that everything is destined for the cloud. In this video Rodgers goes on to illustrate why a total and complete move to the cloud is simply not feasible.

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