Reap The Benefits Of IaaS Without The Risks Of Public Cloud With Igneous

One of the newest vendors to present at ActualTech Media’s 2016 Enterprise Storage Megacast was Igneous Systems. The company came out of stealth in mid-October of this year with the release of its first product, the Igneous Data Service, which offers something quite unique: infrastructure as a service on the customer’s premises. The idea behind the product is to allow customers to leverage IaaS that uses powerful distributed hyperscale nano-servers and not have to manage the infrastructure, but without having to migrate any data to the public cloud, which means all data stays on-prem.
As Igneous’ Steve Pao explained during the presentation, the customers who are currently using Igneous Data Service have either very large amounts of data, which prohibits them from moving to the cloud, or their data is largely proprietary and they simply don’t want to migrate to the public cloud. However, what these customers do want is the flexibility and scale that IaaS offers, without the burden of managing the infrastructure. And that’s what Igneous delivers.
Igneous Systems
The solution offers cloud services that utilize on-prem infrastructure that’s built, owned and managed by Igneous; the company is utilizing its remote cloud management platform to operate the equipment that resides at the customers’ data centers. The entire infrastructure is API-driven and automated, just like the public cloud, Pao noted in their presentation, and the solution has the potential to scale to Exabyte capacities. The main difference from public cloud providers like Amazon, Microsoft and Google is that the customer data always stays on the customers’ premises.
Just like Igneous’ value proposition, the way that the company is able to achieve this is very unique. Because the infrastructure resides on the customers’ premises, Igneous manages everything remotely using its RatioPerfect architecture. This unique architecture utilizes distributed nano-servers that offer very high performance, no bottlenecks and essentially self-healing drives, according to Pao.
In the video presentation Pao explains how the RatioPerfect architecture works and what it’s built on, while Igneous’ Christian Smith demonstrates all of the things that customers won’t have to do because the infrastructure is fully managed by the vendor. Get more information about Igneous’ unique on-prem IaaS offering at