ATMCOMIO, Spotlight Series

Putting IT Vendors In the Spotlight

In December 2020, ActualTech Media undertook a new project: a “Spotlight Series” of videos that provides a chance to get to know a particular IT vendor and what their product does.
The Spotlight Series started life as “RoadCast,” which had the same goal, but the videos were done in person. Obviously 2020 being, well, 2020, that wasn’t going to work. These interviews were done remotely, and it worked so well that we’re going to continue doing them this way.
If you’re on the lookout for a solution to a thorny problem, there’s probably a video in our library that speaks to your issue. And keep an eye out for more Spotlight Series videos in the future—we’ll be producing them on a regular basis going forward.

Data Management

If you’re concerned about where to keep all the data you’re creating, Datadobi has the ability to move data “from anywhere, to anywhere.” Datadobi handles migration, replication, and protection of these unstructured datasets across heterogeneous cloud resources, including Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure.

Safely and reliably moving data is also the goal of Movebot, which describes itself as being like a “house mover” for your data. One differentiation that they point out is their much lower costs compared to the competition.


If you’re concerned about ransomware and other malware—and who isn’t?—then you need to check out Deep Instinct and the innovative way they apply artificial intelligence and machine learning to cybersecurity.

Another key cybersecurity tool is “honeypots,” which lure hackers with fake assets. This can expose vulnerabilities on your network, allowing you to fix them before you’re compromised. To that end, TrapX has what they call “Deception-as-a-Service,” so you can offload the chore of creating and maintaining honeypots to the experts.


Whether you’ve just dipped your toe in the Kubernetes pool or dived into the deep end, you’ve undoubtedly experienced how complex it is. Well, Spectro Cloud simplifies Kubernetes by offering it “as-a-Service.” They give customers the flexibility through an a la carte menu to drag-and-drop components to build an end-to-end Kubernetes stack.

Speaking of Kubernetes, Weaveworks has a unique spin on it, going as far as coining the phrase “GitOps.” Through GitOps, Weaveworks brings reliability to something that’s fundamentally unreliable—namely, Kubernetes-based cloud-native environments that are highly distributed and constantly changing.

Those Kubernetes environments are basically impossible to observe and secure without proper automation. Isovalent takes on that task, providing eBPF-based networking, observability, and security for things like isolating multi-tenant workloads and doing security incident investigation in modern Kubernetes settings.

Kubernetes, of course, is also a core part of building modern applications. But what if a company could abstract away all the heavy lifting of provisioning and maintaining the infrastructure on which it runs? That would make both your developers and operations teams very happy. That’s what Render is all about.


One feature of those modern applications is the ability to integrate things like artificial intelligence and machine learning. But it’s hard to know what effect those kinds of upgrades will have on your infrastructure, especially if you have thousands, or hundreds of thousands, of endpoints or servers. Wouldn’t it be better to be able to run a test simulation and find out the effects before you add AI/ML to production? Scala Computing thinks so.


There’s no doubt that artificial intelligence has changed the game for applications. But it’s also changed the game for helpdesk operations. Espressive was created for just that purpose: to apply artificial intelligence to the helpdesk, solving problems for both IT and end users in a way that’s both faster and more accurate than it’s ever been. Everybody wins.

So there you have it: a host of great solutions to new—and old!—IT issues. Take a close look at these companies when you’re modernizing, securing, and upgrading your current operations. They’re standing by, ready to help.
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