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Prevention as a Service? Where Do I Sign Up?

“Prevention as a Service.” Now that’s an “X as a Service” that’s new in the industry, but it’s an exciting idea! According to Perception Point VP of Customer Success & Incident Response Motti Elloul, it means to protect customers from any content-based attacks from any channel that allows content into an organization.

As Elloul discusses in this “Spotlight Series” video with ActualTech Media Partner James Green, those channels can include email, which is still a main vector for the bad guys. But it goes far beyond that, protecting things like SharePoint, OneDrive, Google Drive, CRM apps, instant messaging apps, support apps … the list goes on.

Perception Point provides holistic protection, too, streamlining your overly complex hodgepodge of security products with a single solution that keeps you a step ahead of malware. What’s not to like about that?

Click on the video above to watch the whole interview.