Pavilion Data Provides the Benefits of NVMe Storage End-to-End

NVMe is a type of incredibly fast storage that promises to revolutionize the IT industry. The problem is that unless the NVMe SSDs are locally attached, they’re not fast enough for the most demanding applications. Until now. In this RoadCast video, ActualTech Media CEO Scott D. Lowe interviews Jeff Sosa, Head of Products at Pavilion Data. Jeff details how Pavilion brings the benefits of shared NVMe storage to environments which haven’t been able to utilize it previously. Historically, shared storage hasn’t been able to provide the performance you get with local SSDs, but Pavilion intends to rewrite that history. The key, he says, is that their solution is “NVMe end-to-end, from the application in the host to the media in our box; it’s all NVMe, all the way.”

Bring Your Own Media with OPENCHOICE Storage

Pavilion Data has also recently announced OPENCHOICE Storage, which is an all-inclusive, cloud-like subscription storage model. OPENCHOICE Storage disrupts conventional storage sales practices by freeing customers from capacity-based pricing and the three-year refresh cycles that prevent them from taking advantage of the latest technological advantages for CPU, memory and SSD components. Customers purchase the Pavilion Data array with the number of controllers needed to attain the desired level of performance and lease the number of media slots required to support their capacity needs. Jeff explains further in the video below.