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Oxeye Offers Security Testing for Modern Application Development

Let’s just be honest: cloud-native development is now the de facto method of building applications. The monolithic development paradigm is a dinosaur, and can’t deal with things like distributed data and components, containers, cloud platforms, and the like.

This new, cloud-native environment is great for getting software into production quickly, but comes with a huge drawback: security is incredibly hard to do with this level of complexity. This is where Oxeye comes in.

In this “Spotlight Series” video with ActualTech Media Partner James Green, Oxeye CEO/Co-Founder Dean Agron explains how Oxeye’s purpose is to “make sure no vulnerable app reaches production.”

Oxeye finds critical, exploitable vulnerabilities in cloud-native applications and surfaces them for developers. But it doesn’t stop there—it also provides guidance for closing those holes, making your apps secure from the get-go, keeping you safe.

Visit Oxeye at for more details and to schedule a demo, and click on the video above to watch the entire interview.