nOps: You Only Pay If We Save You Money

nOps is convinced that most companies overspend on Amazon Web Services (AWS). In fact, they’re so confident in this belief that they put their money where their mouth is: You don’t pay for their services unless you save money.

Tim Cassell, Head of Product for nOps, explained how nOps can do this in a Spotlight Series video chat with ActualTech Media moderator Jess Steinbach. “There’s two levers out there [for optimizing profits on AWS]: pay less and use less,” Cassell says.

The “pay less model,” is simply “pay less for what you’re using,” he says. “The No. 1 lever to save money is to use less. [That means] using automation to match supply and demand.”

nOps says it saves you money in many ways, including by managing EC2 commitments and spend, using its AI to find idle AWS resources and turning them off, and reconfiguring Autoscaling Groups based on real-world, actual usage. You can watch the whole video here.

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