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Nasuni Provides a ‘NAS in the Cloud’

You know you need to be in the cloud. There are so many advantages in terms of scalability and availability, data resilience, backup and disaster recovery, and so on. But getting to the cloud can be scary, especially if you’re a traditional IT shop with apps and data stored in your on-premises data center.

If that’s you, you need to know about Nasuni. It’s a file storage platform that delivers file services across the cloud, allowing you to adopt cloud advantages with minimal disruption to your existing infrastructure. Russ Kennedy, chief product officer for Nasuni, talks about how to do that in this episode of ActualTech Media’s “Spotlight Series.”

Kennedy and ActualTech Media Partner James Green discuss Nasuni’s object storage platform, and why Nasuni calls it your “NAS in the cloud.” Using object file storage makes it inexpensive, and your files are accessible from any location in the world. It also works with all three major public cloud providers, avoiding cloud lock-in.

Click on the video above to see how you can use Nasuni to transform your file system and modernize your operations.