Spotlight Series

Modernize Your Legacy Apps with VirtaMove

You want to take advantage of all the benefits of modern servers and operating systems, but your legacy apps are holding you back. That’s a story that many companies can tell. But VirtaMove wants to change the ending of that story.

VirtaMove, as VP of Marketing Dan Moshkovich tells ActualTech Media CEO Scott Lowe in this Spotlight Series video, helps discover, repackage, and migrate your traditional apps to better-performing, more efficient systems—including the cloud.

VirtaMove’s technology, Moshkovich explains, “allows us to understand the dependencies and map the communications of these applications with other servers, with databases, and really understand how they’re functioning, how they’re able to perform what they need to perform, and to give them an understanding of the architecture of those applications.”

That, in turn, enables VirtaMove to migrate those legacy apps to the server or platform of your choice, swiftly and safely. Click on the video above to watch more.