Meet Container-Defined Storage from Portworx

As agility in the data center increases with increasing adoption of container-based provisioning, some have noticed a major infrastructure component lagging behind: storage. Enterprise storage is notoriously slow-moving from a provisioning perspective; beyond that, most or all of the storage platforms in use today weren’t created with containers in mind.
That all changes today with the launch of Portworx’s enterprise storage product PX-Enterprise. They describe their solution as “container-defined storage.” The developer-focused PX-Developer has been available for a while to give developers early access, but today Portworx is saying they’re ready for prime time.
The ActualTech Media team was recently with the Portworx team in their office in Redwood City, CA to talk about the looming release. The videos below give an awesome overview of what PX-Enterprise is offering customers and how your storage workflows could change to support a container-focused infrastructure.

Portworx Overview with CEO Mulri Thirumale

In this video, ActualTech Media’s Scott Lowe talks with Murli Thirumale, CEO of Portworx about what Portworx has to offer.

Portworx Solutions Overview with Eric Han

In this one, Eric Han of Portworx tells Scott Lowe from ActualTech Media about the state of the container space with regard to web scale and enterprise customers alike, and how Portworx can help. Eric has some really interesting thoughts on the current state (and future) of storage and containers.

About the Purpose of Portworx with CTO Goutham Rao

In this video, Goutham Rao who is the CTO (and co-founder) of Portworx talks with Scott Lowe about why the Portworx solution(s) came to be, and what problems they’re solving.