LightStep Offers Application Monitoring for Today’s Distributed Applications

Application monitoring has been around forever. But today’s applications can be incredibly complex, utilizing microservices and being distributed over hundreds or thousands of nodes. This is why LightStep was invented. In this RoadCast video, ActualTech Media CEO Scott D. Lowe talks with LightStep co-founder and CEO Ben Sigelman about why LightStep’s application monitoring is different. LightStep works with some of the biggest names in the industry, including Lyft, Under Armour, GitHub and Twilio. Why do they trust LightStep? Watch the video for answers.

If LightStep’s technology sounds complicated, that’s because it is! In this video, Ben uses his whiteboard to explain to Scott exactly how LightStep works, and how it’s different from other application performance monitoring tools. It’s so sophisticated, says, Ben, that “…even if there’s just one transaction out of a hundred billion that’s slow, we can get it, we can understand why it was slow, and record it forever.”