Leverage Next Generation Flash Storage With Tegile's Hybrid And AFA Systems

During the final Enterprise Storage Megacast of 2016, six leading storage vendors provided a deep dive into their technologies with details on how each solution handles storage performance and capacity. Tegile focuses on helping enterprises leverage next generation flash with options to implement all-flash as well as hybrid systems.
One thing that helps Tegile differentiate itself in this crowded space is the capability to streamline management and use cloud-managed services to automate and orchestrate many of the repetitive tasks that storage admins perform. What’s more, Tegile’s architecture gives organizations additional flexibility when allocating their resources in order to help consolidate storage and eliminate data silos. So for example, customers can have a hybrid pool and an all-flash pool behind an all-flash controller in order to meet SLA requirements while keeping storage costs down.
Tegile’s Chris Tsilipounidakis explains that flash storage is no longer cost prohibitive. Today, enterprises have the opportunity to migrate from disk based systems and really take advantage of the performance advantages that flash offers.
Tegile Storage
Tegile’s solution gives organizations the option to build an all-flash or a hybrid system in a single storage array that supports both block and file storage natively. Customers can add on additional performance and capacity in real time all by starting from a single platform, according to Tsilipounidakis.
Tegile’s appliance is the complete package – hardware, software and all of the necessary components, including customer care, a “single pane of glass” management console and cloud management capabilities. In the video Tsilipounidakis goes into detail on what these different components entail, illustrating how Tegile’s operating storage environment, IntelliFlash, works and what it offers. He also provides information on IntelliCare, which offers cloud analytics capabilities, customer support and more. Finally, you’ll learn about all of the hardware details, complete with a real-world example of what moving from a legacy storage systems to Tegile might look like for you.
The presentation closes with a demo, where Tsilipounidakis shows what the single pane of glass management console looks like, along with a Q&A with the Megacast audience. More information about Tegile’s next generation flash storage can be found at –