What We Learned In The 2016 Enterprise Storage Megacast

ActualTech Media’s final megacast of 2016 covers six different approaches to enterprise storage from six different vendors. From leveraging next-gen flash and radically simplifying backups, to utilizing powerful VM-aware and hyperconverged solutions and the best of what the cloud has to offer, the megacast offers a unique opportunity to dive deep into the latest enterprise storage technologies.
Hosted by David M. Davis and Scott D. Lowe, the live event was sponsored by Tegile, Tintri, Cohesity, Igneous, ClearSky and Unitrends.
In the course of three hours you’ll be able to get in-depth understanding of six diverse storage solutions and how each of them approaches performance, capacity, security, scalability, management and more. The best part is that you’ll get to see a live demo of each of the storage technologies to get better insight into what it’s like to use it and manage it on a daily basis. The storage experts presenting in the megacast also take time to answer participant questions, which means you’ll get a ton of great insight into each of the six enterprise storage products.
Tegile Storage
The megacast starts off with Tegile, a storage provider focusing on helping enterprises leverage next-gen flash with option to implement all-flash and hybrid systems. Tegile streamlines storage management and uses cloud-managed services to automate and orchestrate many repetitive admin tasks. In his presentation, Tegile’s Chris Tsilipounidakis explains what the solution entails and shows what it looks like through a live demo.
To read more and watch Tegile’s presentation, see Leverage Next Generation Flash Storage With Tegile.
Tintri Storage
The second storage vendor to present during the megacast was Tintri, showcasing its powerful VM-aware storage that’s built specifically for virtualized and cloud environments. Tintri also offers all-flash and hybrid storage, but its unique advantage is that it’s managed at the VM-level, which gives organizations some unique advantages. Tintri’s Tristan Todd shows how VM-aware storage is able to help meet even the most challenging expectations placed on today’s IT teams.
To read more and watch Tintri’s presentation, see Get Deep Visibility And Powerful Management With Tintri’s VM-Aware Storage
Cohesity was the next storage vendor to showcase its unique solution. Cohesity is redefining secondary storage with a platform focused on data consolidation. The solution allows enterprises to eliminate their data siloes and collapse their secondary storage workloads into a single, scalable hyperconverged platform, which is able to provide better efficiency, control and management, along with cost savings. Cohesity’s Greg Statton demonstrates how Cohesity’s solution works and explains in detail what it can offer.
To read more and watch Cohesity’s presentation, see Solve Secondary Storage Problems With Cohesity’s Hyperconverged Platform
Igneous Systems
Igneous Systems is the newest storage company to present during the megacast, having just come out of stealth a couple of months prior to the event. The young vendor offers something quite unique. The Igneous Data Service is essentially on-prem IaaS, allowing organizations to leverage everything that a typical IaaS can offer without any of the risks of migrating data to the public cloud. Igneous’ Steve Pao and Christian Smith illustrate this unique approach and what it’s capable of.
To read more and watch Igneous’s presentation, see Reap The Benefits Of IaaS Without The Risks Of Public Cloud With Igneous
ClearSky Data
ClearSky Systems’ presentation during the megacast also focused on a totally unique approach to storage, showcasing a fully managed Storage as a Service cloud solution that runs on a private network and functions like on-prem primary storage. In his presentation, ClearSky’s Marc Keating illustrates how organizations can get all the benefits of the cloud along with the advantages of on-prem storage to get secure, reliable, high-performance storage with on-demand capacity and a pay-as-you-grow model.
To read more and watch ClearSky’s presentation, see Get The Best Of Cloud And On-Prem Storage With ClearSky Global Storage Network
Unitrends closed the megacast with a presentation on its suite of capable all-in-one backup and business continuity products. Focusing on simplicity, flexibility and ease of use, Unitrends’ solutions are capable of protecting physical, virtual and cloud environments. Unitrends’ Jordan Warsoff demonstrates how Unitrends can help IT teams accomplish more with less, without having to make significant changes to their current environments.
To read more and watch Unitrend’s presentation, see Simplify Your Backups And Business Continuity With Unitrends’ All-In-One Approach
Enterprise storage continues to be a red-hot topic and with the recent explosion of innovation we will no doubt continue to see this space advancing at a rapid pace. Make sure you’re staying on top of the latest storage trends and know what the leading vendors have to offer today.
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