Larry Chapman from trusource labs Talks Hyperconvergence from Maxta with David Davis

Live from VMworld 2017, ActualTechMedia interviews the most innovative enterprise technology companies in their #RoadCast series.

In this interview with Maxta customer, Larry Chapman, IT Infrastructure Manager of trusource labs, Larry shares what he has done to modernize their IT infrastructure using Maxta’s hyperconvergence solution.

maxtaLarry explains how when he first arrived at trusource labs, their IT infrastructure was in chaos as it wasn’t designed for the massive growth that the company had encountered. The entire infrastructure needed updating but of particular importance – their storage was out of both performance AND capacity, requiring an storage update.

The greatest need that Larry had was for a storage solution that was both affordable and scalable. Larry considered traditional SAN solutions and a number of other hyperconvergence solutions but finally chose Maxta as they could deliver both scalability and affordability.

One benefit that Larry especially enjoyed about Maxta was that since Maxta was a software-only hyperconvergence solution, he could purchase and run Maxta on whatever hardware he wanted to. This gave trusource labs hardware flexibility, peace of mind, and made the solution far more affordable than the alternatives that they considered.

To learn more about how Maxta helped trusource labs solve their storage challenges, watch the interview above.

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