KX Brings the Power of Time Series Data To You

Time series data is becoming more important to companies as a way to track change over time. This data, also known as time-stamped data, is a series of data points that are indexed in time order. Properly harnessed, time series data can be a powerful analytics tool.

KX is one company that can help you lasso that data and turn it into actionable insights. New KX CEO Ashok Reddy sat down with me recently for a discussion of how his company does it.

One of the things time series data is extremely useful for is forecasting, Reddy explained. Forecasting involved making predictions based on time series data. It can be invaluable for use cases like prediction stock market reactions, and whether a patient may be at great risk of a heart attack.

Time series data is something every organization should be looking into, and KX should be on the list of vendors to check out. Watch the whole video here, and visit them at KX.com.