Intro To Rozo Systems: Unique High Performance SDS Filesystem For Data Center & Cloud

In the last few years, the software defined storage space has exploded with new technologies as well as enterprises that have adopted SDS solutions. However, SDS hasn’t always been able to offer the high-performance that enterprises require and when it has, it typically came with a bigger price tag.

Rozo Systems combines SDS with high performance storage to deliver a software-only solution with unprecedented performance all running on affordable commodity hardware. It’s a cost-effective, high-performance storage solution that eliminates data silos and performance bottlenecks while offering on-demand scale with simplified operations.

On our latest RoadCast trip to Silicon Valley, we met with Michel Courtoy, COO at Rozo Systems, to learn about the company and how it got its start. Unlike most SDS solutions available today, Rozo Systems started as a university research project spinout, Courtoy explains in our video interview. In 2010, a team of French researchers built an innovative technology that uses erasure coding and applied it to storage, according to Courtoy. Three years later in 2013, Rozo Systems released its first product, RozoFS, which leverages the innovating erasure coding technology for redundancy. In 2015, Rozo Systems obtained additional funding for product development and launch into the U.S. market.

What makes Rozo Systems unique and different from other SDS solutions and storage appliance products available today is that first and foremost, Rozo is a software-only solution that can operate on any x86 server that runs on Linux, so organizations have complete control over their hardware choice, Courtoy tells us. This also means that Rozo’s technology can run in any public, private or hybrid cloud environments, which offers customers full flexibility with a layer of automation that’s simple to deploy in any scenario.

Performance is another important differentiator for Rozo, says Courtoy, which allows customers to get very high throughput without the investment in very expensive hardware. This in turn helps organizations better manage their budgets and rely less on flash, he notes. What’s more, the storage solution can utilize whatever storage media the organization chooses, including hybrid HDD and flash. Rozo simply works to get the best performance out of the hardware that it’s running on, says Courtoy.

Another significant advantage of Rozo’s technology is that it uses a filesystem, which is easier to deploy for applications that are file based and doesn’t require data conversion that object storage technologies require. Compared to object storage solutions, Rozo’s capabilities are actually complementary, says Courtoy, since object storage is strong in high-scalability, but not performance. This is where Rozo’s solution can be utilized for high-performance tasks and then moved to a cold storage solution for archival purposes.

Watch the video to learn more about Rozo’s unique SDS approach and visit for more information. In the video, Courtoy also shares what’s behind Rozo’s unique name, which has an interesting origin just like the company itself.

Rozo Systems Customer Experience

In a separate video, we spoke with one of Rozo Systems’ partners to get insight into the Rozo customer experience. Paul Evans, Principal Architect and CXO at Daystrom, works with Rozo selling and deploying Rozo’s SDS solution to companies in the media and entertainment space. As he explains in the video, his customers are looking for a reliable solution that can offer high performance at an affordable price point and that’s where Rozo’s offering really shines, meeting and exceeding the customers’ expectations.

Watch the video to learn more about what Rozo customers can get from the affordable, quality, software-only SDS solution.