Interview Series with Tintri Field CTOs Covering the Latest Storage Innovations - Live from Ignite 2017

In these interviews, live from Microsoft Ignite 2017, Tintri Field CTOs Chris Colotti, Kristopher Boyd, and Matt Geddes talk with David Davis of ActualTechMedia about the latest enterprise storage innovations from Tintri.

In the first of the interviews, Chris Colotti, VCDX and Field CTO at Tintri, David Davis of ActualTechMedia talks with Chris about Tintri storage cloud integrations including Amazon S3 and IBM CleverSafe, the Tintri API stack, Tintri storage automation with private cloud, and the new Tintri storage migration offload (which works for vSphere or Hyper-V). With storage migration offload, storage migrations that have traditionally, taken a many hours can be accelerated down into seconds or minutes!

In the second of the interviews, Kristopher Boyd, Field CTO at Tintri¬†talks with David Davis of ActualTechMedia about Tintri’s new storage platform. The new Tintri EC6000 (enterprise cloud), providing the platform for the enterprise cloud. They’ve doubled the array – bigger controllers and drives – to double capacity from 20TB to 650TB, all in a 2U form factor. The end result is that you can run on the EC6030 between 500-1000 VMs up to EC6090 up to ~7500VM on a single datastore. This helps all workloads but it especially helps VDI (virtual desktop infrastructure). When it comes to VDI on Tintri, it’s Tintri’s simplicity that makes VDI easy with their VM-aware storage and per VM QoS on a per VM level to resolve noisy-neighbor situations.

In the final interview in this series, Matt Geddes, Field CTO at Tintri, David Davis of ActualTechMedia talks with Matt about use cases for Tintri’s new storage platform that includes RESTful APIs. For example, with these APIs you can programmatically take a snapshot of a virtual machine, use the VM in a DevOps CI/CD process, and revert the snapshot – all via scripting. Matt also talks about how with APIs you can restore virtual machine snapshots to recover files lost in a VDI environment.

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