Imanis Data Applies Machine Learning to Data Management

What can Machine Learning, applied to data management, do for you? That’s the question posed by ActualTech Media CEO Scott D. Lowe to Imanis Data in this RoadCast video. Scott talks to Imanis Data CEO John Mracek about the growing problem of data that’s growing, especially unstructured data. Imanis’s solution is highly innovative and can help with things like threat detection, for example: it can potentially halt a fearsome ransomware attack in its tracks.

In the second part of the video, Scott interviews Jay Desai, VP of Products at Imanis Data. Desai goes into more detail on how Imanis helps customers protect data; orchestrate data between on-premises data centers and the cloud; help facilitate test/dev efforts; and provide automation via machine learning. Desai also compares Imanis’s solutions with the competition, and discusses the key use cases for its data management platform.