HyTrust Is Meeting the Challenges of the Evolving Data Center

HyTrust pioneered the concept of advanced access controls and logging for VMware admins. Since then, they’ve grown into a leading provider of cloud security products and services. In the RoadCast video above, Tushar Tambay, Senior Vice President, Products, talks with ActualTech Media CEO Scott Lowe about the company’s history and how its customers are using it to get more secure.

In one striking example, a large insurance company called HyTrust the day after one of its virtualization admins misconfigured a server script and took 300 virtual machines offline, costing the company millions of dollars. HyTrust is currently implementing access and approval controls across the company, to make sure nothing like this can happen again.

In the second video (below), Tambay discusses the changing nature of the data center, and how that’s increased the challenge of protecting data these days. For instance, most companies have started to implement cloud computing to some degree, meaning that data can live anywhere now. In addition, the skyrocketing use of containers adds another layer of complexity, since they’re more portable and transitory than traditional virtual machines. As your environment changes, your security strategy has to change with it. Find out how HyTrust is helping companies do just that.