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HyTrust Celebrates 10 Years & The Future Of Multi-Cloud Security

As cloud adoption in the enterprise continues to rise, security in the cloud remains one of the top concerns for organizations going through or planning a cloud migration. Survey after survey shows that security is still a top concern and partial barrier for many cloud migrations.
As part of our most recent RoadCast video series, we met with HyTrust’s President and Founder, Eric Chiu, to learn more about the company’s security solutions that are targeted specifically at private and public cloud environments. HyTrust just celebrated 10 years as a company and Chiu gave us a great overview of how the company got its start back in 2007.
At that time, virtualization was making the shift from test labs to real-world enterprise environments and HyTrust quickly realized that security was either going to be a key inhibitor or a key enabler in this transformation, Chiu explains. This was the genesis of HyTrust. The company was built on the belief that without solid security in place moving to virtualized infrastructure would be a major constrain for organizations.
HyTrust embarked on securing virtual infrastructure, over time expanding its scope to include private, public and hybrid cloud, Chiu tells us. The company has grown through both its own product expansion as well as through multiple key acquisitions, according to Chiu, focusing on enabling organizations to move to the cloud faster.

Today, HyTrust is working with some of the largest organizations in the banking, healthcare, insurance, retail and other major verticals, including some of the biggest defense and intelligence agencies. These organizations use HyTrust to secure their cloud infrastructure and cloud data, Chiu tell us. HyTrust offers its customers multi-cloud workload security that is capable of supporting infrastructure running in multiple cloud environments spanning on-premises, hybrid and public cloud.
In the video, Chiu goes on to share his thoughts on the future of multi-cloud security. Watch the complete video to get a glimpse of what’s coming to the cloud security space with the current shift to containers and brand new capabilities that HyTrust is working on bringing to its customers in the near future. Learn more about HyTrust and get a demo of the CloudControl and DataControl products at