HyperGrid On The Key Issues Facing Modern IT

There’s a lot happening in enterprise IT today. CIOs, CTOs and IT managers at all levels are being faced with both exciting opportunities as well as important challenges. From new business demands to evolutionary and revolutionary changes in how things are done, there are a lot of opportunities for businesses to rethink how they’re running their IT for the future.

As part of our continuing 2017 RoadCast video series, we met with Mark Mitchell, Chief Operating Officer at HyperGrid, to learn how the company is helping IT organizations undertake digital transformation efforts and really move to the future.

The digital transformation is affecting every business. And it’s not just a buzz word. It affects both business and operational processes and models in order to leverage the opportunities that different digital technologies have to offer. Mitchell tell us that digital transformation is paramount in the way business leaders think about the evolution of their organizations. And HyperGrid has been working on technology to make this transformation happen.

HyperGrid is helping by making the procurement and use of IT simpler, says Mitchell. The company offers an on-premises public cloud experience with a single pane of glass and workload visibility — all without a CAPEX investment. This means HyperGrid owns the hardware and enterprises simply pay as they use it, just like in any other infrastructure as a service offering.

HyperGrid also works to help minimize shadow IT within organizations by providing templates and allowing users to rapidly spin up applications, says Mitchell. This enables developers to focus on innovating and delivering revenue, instead of procuring their environments. What’s more, IT has control over the policies and organizational rules on how these internal services are being used. Mitchell tells us that governance, visibility, transparency, accountability, monitoring and metrics are inherent in HyperGrid’s platform and service offering.

Watch the video to learn more about HyperGrid’s full stack on-prem cloud appliance that delivers a public cloud experience and how it’s helping organizations with their digital transformations. Visit to find further resources, use cases and additional information on HyperGrid’s enterprise cloud as a service offering.

Securing the Enterprise With HyperGrid

We also spoke with Mitchell about the ever important security aspects of cloud computing. In this video Mitchell covers what HyperGrid is doing to help organizations secure their IT infrastructures, both on-prem and in the cloud.

How HyperGrid Brings The Public Cloud On-Prem

In a separate video, we asked Jim Ensell, HyperGrid’s Chief Marketing Officer, to explain what exactly public cloud on-premises means. Ensell shares the three aspects of HyperGrid’s promise of delivering a public cloud experience to organizations in their own data centers.

With HyperGrid there’s no hardware to buy and no software to install, which means that there are no up-front costs associated with the solution, Ensell tells us. Customers simply pay for what they use, just like in any IaaS setting. Ensell also explains how IT organizations can deploy their applications to HyperGrid’s cloud or one of 18 different private and public clouds that are supported by HyperGrid.

Intrigued? We thought you might be. HyperGrid’s solution is completely unique and unlike anything that’s out there today. Watch the video to learn more and check out HyperGrid’s blog at