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HyperGrid: Guard Rails for Cloud Security

Everyone loves a good analogy, because they help simplify complex ideas. That comes in handy in the case of public cloud security, which can be exceptionally complex. Manoj Nair, CEO of HyperGrid, uses a great analogy when talking about how his company approaches cloud security: guard rails. IT can no longer isolate users behind data center walls, so they need to instead create ways to ensure users stay within well-defined, safe boundaries.

Nair develops the idea of “guard rails” with ActualTech Media CEO Scott Lowe in this RoadCast video. The idea, Nair says, is to “allow the usage, but create some out-of-band governance and policy” to keep the company and its users protected. Watch the video above for more.

In the second video below, Nair discusses HyperGrid’s direction and new initiatives. A lot of work has been done, for instance, around building their cloud management platform, and getting recognition for it. HyperGrid’s solutions have been well-received by various analyst groups as well, and they’ve been developing a strong relationship with Amazon Web Services. To find out what else HyperGrid’s been up to, watch this video!